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July 20, 2013 

I was fortunate recently to have one of my letters printed in the BND. As luck would have it a letter writing peer of mine also had his letter printed in the same edition. I e-mailed him to congratulate him and during the dialogue that followed he mentioned that he had gone on-line to comment on my letter but the comments option had been disengaged. After I went up and

looked for myself to verify, I sent an e-mail to BND's editorial staff asking for the whys and wherefores of their action.

Their response was that in this instance they thought the letter writer (me) was being attacked by others so they turned off the e-conduit. Well, we all know that old joke about what opinions are like (everybody's got one) so I told them that turning off the comment capability stymied the opportunity for someone to express theirs.

While I wouldn't condone comments that were threatening, harassing, obscene, libelous, sexist or racist, I'd have been interested in reading any civilized comments in regard to my letter. The opportunity for a constructive flow of ideas, both pro and con, is a terrible thing to waste.

Bill Malec


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