Excessive response to Zimmerman verdict

July 20, 2013 

It is a simple topic that came up with golf buddies both black and white. Regarding all the fuss concerning the legal, decision of peers in a court of law in Florida over the death of a black male by a Hispanic male: Get over it. Where is all the hoopla over a black male deliberately running over a defenseless white male child and killing him on a bicycle?

And when does a Hispanic become a white Hispanic when on all applications a person is either white or Hispanic. One (black) buddy said then that makes President Obama a white African-American.

I am not raciest and some of my best friends, neighbors and golf buddies are black men and their families, most of whom have never met an African-American or much less a black male who has been to Africa. They jokingly refer to me as the misplaced French American; that also is not a choice on applications.

My friends and I all agree for the most part that if as much effort were put into stopping and protesting black men killing black men that the NAACP and other soap boxes would see Florida more realistically.

Chuck "Doc" Fugate


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