One issue is attitude

July 20, 2013 

Reference "Verdict reflects bigger issues" on July 18 by Louis Johnson of Shiloh.

True, the George Zimmerman verdict does reflect bigger issues. What it reflects is some black people have attitude problems they cannot control. And that is why Trayvon Martin is dead.

Instead of having attitude, if Trayvon would have just told Zimmerman, "Hey, I am just going to my dad's house; he just lives right over there," Trayvon would be alive today. It was that attitude that got him killed. And it is that attitude that gets many other young black kids killed.

I have worked with many good black folks. I have had them tell me that a black man cannot look another black man straight in the eyes without him saying, "What are you looking at? Do you have a problem?"

These issues Johnson is talking about are his own issues. Maybe he needs to look in the mirror and figure out why black folks have this problem because there is nothing disrespectful about one man looking another man straight in the eyes.

Steve Rynders