Jobs are a priority along with levees

July 20, 2013 

Yes, levee repairs are a priority. But then in case you haven't noticed, so are good-paying jobs. We have lawmakers who do nothing but sit on their duffs and do nothing to create jobs. They don't care if the whole country fails, as long as the president fails.

When President Obama was elected the first time, Republicans said, "Our job is to see that he does not get a second term." Wrong.

Their job is to get America back to work. And they failed miserably on both. The country is falling apart and all they do is drag their feet and throw tantrums like little babies. They don't care, they got their money and insurance.

You said Sen. Dick Durbin and U.S. Rep. Bill Enyart are protecting union supporters. Well, I am glad of that. Because it's better than starving all of America in the name of lowering labor costs for conservative fat cats.

The core will have to spend extra money for prints in Spanish I guess, too.

Terry Lysakowski


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