Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

July 21, 2013 

Real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 175 Orchard Drive; from Bonita Foeller Jackson; to Larry J. Scott and Sharon H. Scott; $100,000.

* 1909 Hawksbill Drive; from Arvilla D. Richardson; to Floyd Hargrove and Patricia Hargrove; $219,000.

* 3214 Fox Hunters Court; from Glenn E. Rainer and Pegga A. Rainer; to James Hopkins and Kenneth Hopkins; $162,500.

* 3521 Capri Lane; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Chris Nesbit and Melanie Nesbit; $180,500.

* 2632 Ambridge Drive; from McBride and Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Hamze Fares and Casey Fares; $210,000.

* 331 W. Waters Edge Drive; from Steven Wittenauer and Patti Wittenauer; to Scott Mountford and Katherine Mountford; $555,000.

* 35 Wedgewood Drive; from Thera H. Famer; to Daniel R. McCrar Jr.; $85,500.

* 16 Windsor; from Herbert Dorsey and Jazma Dorsey; to John Weis; $55,000.

* 11 Sherwood Forest; from Brian W. Gasawski and Karel M. Gasawski; to Holly M. Kane; $79,000.

* 31 S. 77th St.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Lucille A. Schrage; $35,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 31 Signal Hill Blvd.; from Federal Home Loan Corp.; to Mike Corriveau and Janean Corriveau; $50,000.

* 7309 Town Hall Road; from Donald A. Pellmann and Vicki D. Pellmann; to Joshua P. Terry and Amy B. Terry; $120,000.


* 717 St. Barbara Drive; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to Mollie Duclos; $29,000.

* 733 St. Nicholas Drive; from Metro Property Partners; to K & E Homes LLC; $25,000.


* 1016 Crooked Stick Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Jacob Nieroda and Aimee Nieroda; $323,500.

* 127 Buckington Court; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Marlon K. Griffin and Chrystal D. Griffin; $263,500.


* 121 Echo Valley; from Thomas K. Priddy; to Dale E. Whittaker and Sharilyn K. Whittaker; $150,000.


* 808 Illinois Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Terry Mobbs and Cheryl Mobbs; $25,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 842 N. 74th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to James Vaughn; $8,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 500 Liberty Road; from Shirley J. Fairchild; to Michael Meyers and Jessica Meyers; $150,000.

* 24 Debra Drive; from Bernice W. Benton and William R. Benton; to Dale Carter and Glena Carter; $86,500.

* 6 Bluff Court; from John Schoate; to B.J. Diversified; $32,000.

* 225 E. Lexington Drive; from James M. Bigham and Alyscia L. Bigham; to Craig P. McKinney and Lynn McKinney; $113,000.

* 744 Willow Spring Hill Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Kenneth Melusky and Karen D. Melusky; $247,000.

* 701 Wild Horse Creek Road; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to John Sedivy and Barbara Lunnemann Sedivy; $262,500.


* 9924 Cessna Court; from Steven Kerling and Kelley Kerling; to Mary M. Rundquist; $178,000.

* 548 Streamstone Drive; from Joan M. Nunn; to Trinity Foundation; $180,000.


* 1111 Rutherford Ridge; from Everett King and Connie King; to Andrew M. English and Terica L. English; $397,000.

* 1307 Keck Ridge Drive; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to Andrea L. Haider and Jordan A. Roper; $226,000.

* 412 Larkway Drive; from Lonnie E. Dooley and Brenna J. Dooley; to Andrew D. Gross and Amy M. Gross; $252,000.

* 123 Main St.; from Nancy A. McCaw; to Jeffrey A. Koesterer; $52,000.

* 121 Main St.; from Jeffrey A. Koesterer; to Kenneth E. Koesterer; $20,000.

* 1049 Chapel Hill Drive; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC; to Harry Tourville and Shirley Tourville; $287,500.

* 809 Sturbridge Trail; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Patrick G. Johnson and Natalie D. Johnson; $259,000.

* 916 Stone Briar Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Ricky W. Berg and Deborah L. Berg; $233,500.


* 106 S. High St.; from Sanman Properties Ltd.; to Hale Properties LLC; $312,500.


* 4830 Rockledge Trail; from Secretary of Housing & Urban Development; to Anthony J. Gass and Whitney N. Gass; $172,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 509 N. 16th St.; from Robert DeLaria; to Henry L. Grayson and Marcia A. Moore; $70,000.



* 3601 Gary Ave.; from William C. Anderson and Mary Beth Anderson; to Zachary F. Ansell and Jennifer B. Ansell; $98,000.

* 5200 Pin Oak Drive; from Stephen P. Kane; to Timothy Carroll and Sally Carroll; $130,000.

* 3800 Horn Ave.; from Nicholas R. Fencel and Heather A. Fencel; to Karl Sadler and Lori Sadler; $57,000.

* 1128 4th St.; from Karen Bentley and Frank A. Bentley; to Nicholas R. Fencel and Heather A. Fencel; $57,000.

* 9024 Oakridge Drive; from Polly A. Thery, Polly A. Landgraf, Mark Landgraf; to Eric C. Wright; $116,500.

* 8421 Beane Lane; from Stone Financing LLC; to Charles Butcher and Ashley Butcher; $152,000.

* 922 McPherson Ave.; from Donald P. Bechtold and Roberta J. Bechtold; to Corey M. Rigdon; $114,000.

* 1708 Lucille Ave.; from U.S. Bank; to Clifford Evans; $60,000.

* 3420 Glenn Drive; from David Kinder; to Shymekia L. Rogers; $84,500.


* 221 Combs Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Craldoni Properties LLC; $56,000.

* 314 Walnut Drive; from Jason Farmer and Laurie M. Farmer; to Mark Roady and Holly Roady; $125,000.

* 1040 Collinsville Crossing Blvd.; from Walmart Stores Inc.; to Baboucar N. Njai and Bab N. Njai; $396,000.


* 405 California Ave.; from Steven S. Maynard and Janice M. Maynard; to Eric Hallstead; $86,000.

* 424 Valley View Drive; from Joshua Lipe and Alicia Lipe; to Robert Sherman and Angela Sherman; $133,500.


* 452 Lake Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Marla K. Brown; $55,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5301 Three Lakes Estates; from Bank of America; to Patricia J. Lewis and Melinda Lewis; $318,000.

* 6362 Buchta Drive; from Dennis F. Barker; to Robert R. Waugh and Janis E. Waugh; $289,000.


* 125 Ellington Court; from Meridian Manors Development LLC; to Lerch Homes Inc.; $56,500.

* 40 Autumn Glen Drive; from Stone Financing LLC; to Scott Esker and Emily Goebel; $191,500.

* 7 Greenbriar Lane; from Nancy M. Eilers and Harris R. Eilers; to David E. Stoecklin and Wanda L. Stoecklin; $223,500.


* 33 Fontenac Place; from Michael T. Connolly and Sharon Connolly; to Mark A. Pruitt and Melissa A. Pruitt; $196,000.

* 3406 Emma Lane; from Joseph R. Ursprung and Jennifer Gillson; $73,000.


* 2306 State St.; from Rocky McDonald and Julie McDonald; to Miguel M. Huitron; $58,000.

* 213 Briarwood; from William A. Evans, Joyce A. Welborn, Judith A. Goddner, Alberta M. Evans; to Dustin Brooks; $67,000.


* 20 Golden Rock Lane; from William A. FAust and Rachel L. Faust; to Michael Welchlen and Yvette L. Welchlen; $179,000.

* 55 Tara Trail; from Bridget C. Tinsley; to Jason M. Lasky and Julie M. Lasky; $231,500.


* 6748 Oxford Court; from Louis Rigo Jr. and Chandra Rigo; to Sarah Hughes and Charles E. Hughes II; $195,500.


* 222 Reller St.; from Marissa Bradley and Curt Bradley; to Tina Fairless; $80,000.


* 106 Jacob St.; from Diana L. Ward, Diana L. Carper, Roger D. Carper; to Ronnie L. Wilson and Christina M. Wilson; $142,000.


* 914 Carla Drive; from Leander Mathews and Karen Mathews; to Michael P. Hamil and Reena J. Hamil; $158,000.

* 3 Schurwood Drive; from Ronnie Wilson and Christina Wilson; to Kenneth Hunter and Dawn Hunter; $307,000.

* 620 Meadowlark Drive; from Cadagin Homes Inc.; to John Quinn and Stephanie Quinn; $177,500.


* 7645 Possum Hill Road; from Bobby M. Naler and Deann K. Naler; to Ronald A. Christlieb and Rita F.a Christlieb; $203,500.



* 472 Terry Drive; from Jeremy L. Thompson and Trista L. Thompson; to Jacob Conrad and Danielle Smith; $215,000.

* 1047 Metter Ave.; from Virginia R. Spier, Independent Executor; to Daniel D. Ling; $120,000.

* 801 W. Bottom Ave.; from George A. Wilde and Helen C. Wilde; to Bryan M. Lehr and Stephanie A. Lehr; $165,000.


* 3925 JJ Road; from Catherine L. Lenz and Gary W. Lenz; to Cynthia E. Hahn and Marvin P. Hahn; $260,000.

* 814 Sheridan Lane; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $31,000.

* 207 Koenigsmark Ave.; from Gary L. Sanner and Pamela Sanner; to Amanda K. Jones and Jason R. Jones; $113,000.

* 5776 Deer Hill Road; from Janet K. Stewart and John T. Stewart; to Eric C. Swift and Jetuan Swift; $405,000.

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