What liberals believe

July 22, 2013 

Liberals draw their inspiration from the Preamble of the Constitution and its idea of promoting the general welfare of the people of the United States. We want a government that protects our rights, provides for the rule of law, makes sure our drugs, food, roads and workplaces are safe.

We believe that education through university level or trade school along with medical care should be paid through taxes because they are an investment in future generations. Laws should be neutral and taxes should be paid according to the ability to pay. We are secular and practice our religion in our churches and homes. We own guns for hunting and for the protection of our homes but are not afraid to ask how owning an AR-15 adds to the benefit of society. We have served in the military and fought and died for our country.

Liberals have been out front in the fight against slavery and for women's suffrage, organized labor and gay and civil rights. We want opportunity for all. We are open to new ideas and are willing to change for the good. We support the ACLU because it protects the constitution.

We don't blame the rape victim because someone doesn't like the way she dressed. If people want to minimize abortions, then be willing to provide free birth control to all women or adoptions.

We vote for a candidate not because our union, preacher or the CEO told us to. We vote on our ideals.

David L. Eilering

Glen Carbon

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