Keep blame in Althoff case where it belongs

July 22, 2013 

To the Sound-off caller who states Althoff High School was at fault when some boys allegedly were looking into the girls' locker room: That is ridiculous. Does the caller believe that if he finds a lost wallet that he can keep it? If he happens to leave the door unlocked overnight, is it OK for me to go in and take what I want because it is his fault for not locking the door?

Better yet, if a woman is wearing clothing that exposes too much and she becomes a victim of a sexual assault, I guess he would blame the woman.

Should there have been a hole in the door? Absolutely not, but do not blame the school for these boys doing something they knew was wrong and continued to do it anyway.

If I had a son who was privy to what was going, I would hope that I raised him well enough to insist the boys stop and if that did not work, go to an adult. This was no different than a peeping Tom watching someone and videotaping you in the shower at your home because you left the curtain cracked.

What they did was wrong; stop passing the blame. They should be held accountable for their actions.

William Daniels


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