Daily business briefing: Wendy's boosts profit margins by selling to franchisees

July 23, 2013 

Wendy's has announced it is selling 425 of its restaurants to franchisees, which is expected to help boost its profit margins.

Fast-food companies like Dublin, Ohio-based Wendy's usually own a small percentage of its restaurants to help keep operating costs down and maintain a more stable stream of income. Wendy's stock was up 8 percent to $7.21 a share Tuesday.


Taco Bell is getting rid of its kids' meals and toys because it was not helping sales. The chain reported Tuesday that it is the first national fast-food chain to eliminate kids' meals and toys.


More college students are leaning on grants and scholarships to pay for school. According to lender Sallie Mae, more aspiring college students are searching for schools based on costs and have relied less on their parents once they get to campus.


Menthol cigarettes are a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration reports. The report released Tuesday cited an advisory panel told the FDA in 2011 that removing menthol cigarettes from the market would benefit public health because the flavoring has led to an increase in smokers and makes quitting more difficult.

-- Will Buss, BND business writer

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