Admit to a race problem

July 23, 2013 

Admit to a race problem

I'm amazed that the greatest nation in the world won't admit that we have a race problem. I hear people say, what's wrong with those people? What if the shoe were on the other foot and some cop stopped you and asked you where you were going?

Cops have no right to ask or stop you without just cause. If the laws on the books are enforced equally and just, we would not have the problems that we are having. The racial profiling needs to go away. Police officers should not be doing racial profiling.

This happened to me and one of my troops here at Scott Air Force Base. I was stopped and asked where we were going. Things have gotten a little better, but there is a lot we must improve on. We can do this if we treat everyone the same, no ifs, ands or buts. We can get through this, but we need to first admit that we still have a race problem.

Robert Kirkland Jr.


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