Rumor Mill: Cardinals watch Brian Wilson throw

Posted by Scott Wuerz on July 25, 2013 

The Cardinals were one of several teams present for a throwing demonstration by former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, according to CBS Sports.

Wilson claims that he's ready to go after undergoing a second elbow ligament transplant surgery last has kept him from signing with a team so far in 2013.

The veteran closer might make an interesting addition short term to the Cardinals because he would bolster their pitching staff without having to give up any talent in return. But I wonder how sharp he would be after such a long layoff.

The Cardinals probably don't need a closer over the long haul. Jason Motte, also a recipient of Tommy John surgery, is expected to be back early in the 2014 season -- if not by the beginning of it. And the Redbirds seem to have a budding closer on deck in Trevor Rosenthal. Potentially next year, if they signed Wilson, they'd have three players for one position.

Of course, the possibility exists that Rosenthal could get his wish to become a starting pitcher. But he fits the short reliever role so well and he has been extremely successful at it. It would be great if he could be the second coming of John Smoltz. But I would be reluctant to mess with a good thing if I was in charge.

I have to believe Wilson would have better opportunities to became the closer right away from another team. But, if he is willing to be a bit player, the Cardinals might be able to offer him a chance to showcase his skills in a short team relationship during some meaningful games in September and October.

Such an arrangement would be a nice insurance policy for the Cardinals if Edward Mujica, in his first season as a closer, would start to wear down.

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