Focused on conservative values

July 25, 2013 

I stand by my letter about Michael Dillier, but he can defend himself on his values, beliefs and writing style. Like others who write in, perhaps he wants to get readers' attention and get a reaction. That's the purpose of an editorial letter.

I wrote that I don't agree with everything he writes, but according to his letters, he has some conservative values. As an example, I support many Libertarian views, but I disagree with their stance that we should be isolationists in today's dangerous world. But I oppose sending troops to Syria because we have no national security interests.

I voted twice for George W. Bush, but felt he made a huge mistake invading Iraq. I say that as a retired military officer who understands the reason for warfare. Does that mean I am not a good conservative?

As for lock-step, I bet a lot of union members don't agree with the stance of their union bosses. A lot of them probably privately vote for candidates who support a right to life. That is reflected right here in Illinois in the makeup of our congressional delegation. Some support a right to chose and others support the right to life as elected by Democrats, Republicans and independents alike.

Phil Henning


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