Nobody cares about morality

July 25, 2013 

It blows my mind to read about politicians and their wicked ways.

I don't like Bill Clinton, period. When he was president, he encouraged the NAFTA agreement. This finally caused National Steel Co. to go bankrupt. Therefore, all the salaried people lost their health insurance, death benefits and pensions because South America, China and a few more countries could ship and sell steel in the United States cheaper than we could make it here.

Second, what Bill did with Monica Lewinsky was uncalled for. He was supposed to be a Southern Baptist and a Christian. That was put out for votes. All his playing around didn't seem to bother the voters. Today you can't go too far because most of the voters are like the politicians they vote for.

We don't care for the politicians doing their thing even if they get caught. There were several politicians in the news recently who got caught and are now on a comeback trail. They have no shame or no conscience.

It used to be that we wanted our leaders to be someone we could look up to, but not today. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that former Gov. George Ryan is running for the mayor of Chicago. Yeah, he's out of prison now.

Charles V. Lyerla


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