No protection provided by AARP

July 26, 2013 

Many elderly people believe the AARP is a protector working in their best interest. AARP receives millions of dollars licensing its name to various commercial entities, including insurance companies.

Their elderly members believe the AARP will actively protect them against fraud or wrongful failure to perform by AARP licensees. In fact, AARP does not address individual complaints from its elderly members against licensees. Members of AARP are not aware they get no protection from AARP when they are mistreated by an AARP licensee.

Elderly people should be made aware because they often pay higher prices for services from companies using the AARP name under the mistaken belief they are protected by AARP. The only real beneficiaries of AARP are their executives and high-level administrators who receive huge salaries and enormous benefits.

William R. Lambert


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