Our demise as predicted

July 26, 2013 

Having proclaimed America's demise in this forum these past 25 years, it's time to bring it to a close.

Watching the moral and financial ruin of our nation come to pass, the only surprise for me was how many of our fellow citizens were willing to give away their freedom and their children's future. Tyrants have ruled people for millenniums but were never supported by the very ones they were destroying.

Many of my brethren still insist that the battle for country, home and family can still be won. Let's get in there, stand up for what's right, elect men and women of moral principles and take our nation back. Yes, keep fighting, but with the understanding that the war is lost. A few battles can still be won, but it's over and has been over for years.

Basically, we were bailing water on a sinking ship, the S.S. America. Continue to bail, but understand that the ship is going down and have your Plan B ready, or maybe even Plan R.

There are those in America who are happy to see the ship sink, those who cannot bring themselves to see what's really happened, and those who have put the pieces together and see the true state of the union.

And me. My only regret is not sharing the Gospel as often as I could in this forum, exhorting for the true salvation in Christ alone and the eternity that follows, where none of the above will matter.

Donald Moeser


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