A lot to spend on 16 percent

July 26, 2013 

You've probably seen those AT&T "it's not complicated" ads in which the guy is talking with kids about simple concepts. Faster is better than slow. Doing two things at once is better than one.

Well, getting the word out about Obamacare to the 16 percent of Americans who don't have health insurance wouldn't have to be complicated, either. When people without insurance show up at an emergency room or a doctor's office, they could sign up right then when they request care.

But the Obama administration instead is making it complicated, which means expensive. The federal government is going to spend nearly $700 million on marketing and ads for Obamacare -- more than $100 million in Illinois alone.

Why tell 100 percent of Americans what 16 percent need to know? Because they want to convince the 84 percent that this is a good idea.

Promoting Obamacare to everyone is as baffling as President Obama's complaints about his administration being dogged by "phony" scandals. Which scandals would those be? The IRS targeting conservative groups? The NSA snooping on Americans? The Justice Department going after AP reporters' phone records? The failure to protect our embassy in Benghazi, Libya?

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