It's all a part of the game: Finnegan takes whipped cream pies to the face

News-DemocratJuly 26, 2013 

— St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan came up with the idea for Smack Cam, and he was the victim of his own game Friday.

Finnegan took two plates heaped high with whipped cream in the face during a post-practice interview with St. Louis media.

"I deserve that,'' Finnegan said. "We've got this prank going. If you are in Rams gear during the day, you can get pied in the face. That's any time, any place. As you can see, this is Rams gear, so this is appropriate.''

Finnegan said the only other rules to Smack Cam are: You have to be one of the seven or eight players who agreed to play the game, and the prank has to filmed.

Media members also got splattered as defensive end Chris Long delivered the double-barreled blast to Finnegan.

"I've gotten about four people, and I think my time was coming and you guys were a part of it,'' Finnegan said. "Forgive me.''

Finnegan said coach Jeff Fisher was exempt from the game.

"He is not a go,'' Finnegan said. "He will never be a go. It's all players only.''

Cornerback Trumaine Johnson and defensive end William Hayes were Long's accomplices.

Johnson already had posted video of the Smack Cam attack on his twitter account less than 20 minutes later.

"Me and William usually stay on the same side in all this stuff,'' Long said. "I have a good ally there. And, Trumane, I thought he was on Cort's team, but (defensive backs), they can be paid off.''

Hayes had fallen victim to Smack Cam attack from Finnegan earlier Friday.

"He got a flying squirrel,'' Finnegan said. "That's what we call (it) when a guy comes off the top rope -- and it happened to me -- and catches him with a good pie.''

"He got William Hayes really good, so that was retaliation,'' Long said.

Long said shaving cream for pranks was outlawed by the NFL, and he was unhappy about it because whipped cream required more effort and planning.

"You have to go all the way to the freezer to get whipped cream,'' Long said. "Where I can just go into the bath room to get shaving cream.''

Safety net

Rookie T.J. McDonald and fourth-year player Darian Stewart are currently working at safety with the first-team defense.

"I am especially pleased right now with T.J.'s progress,'' Fisher said. "He's really doing some good things out there.

Each day there is improvement, there is more familiarity with what we are doing, he's making more plays. He's just an excellent athlete and football player.''

Also figuring into the mix at safety are second-year Rodney McLeod, veteran Matt Giordano and a group of young players looking to claim a roster spot.

"Rodney's had a great offseason and is doing a great job at both positions,'' Fisher said. "Fortunately, we got Matt (Giordano) in here with the experience and we'll see how the young guys do.''

Quick hits

The Rams' first full-squad workout with full pads will be Monday. Players will don full pads for a special teams practice Sunday.

* Wide receiver Chris Givens made a nifty catch in the back of the end zone on a pass from Sam Bradford and then raised his arms to signal a touchdown to the cheering crowd during practice.

* There were 835 fans who turned out Friday for practice, which was held outside despite rain earlier in the day.

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