How many pens do they need?

July 27, 2013 

Can anyone explain the school supply lists that these districts put out? These lists are excessive and insane.

Triad Middle School wants its students to have two packages of 25-count blue or black pens. That's 50 pens per student, 1,250 pens for a class of 25, and 12,500 pens for 10 classes. The same applies to No. 2 pencils, and I can't figure out why mechanical pencils are not allowed.

They also need Scotch tape, masking tape, highlighters, a four-pack of dry erase markers, and so much more.

When I was in school, college included, I never went through a 12-pack of pens or pencils. It seems all we are doing is supplying teachers with an endless supply of goods.

Is this all part of the Common Core state standards initiative?

It makes you wonder if the union has stock in Crayola and Paper Mate.

Robert McAfee


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