Further thoughts about trash

July 27, 2013 

After taking time to think about Belleville's decision to pay for a trash enclosure for several downtown businesses, I realized that there are a few questions didn't get asked, and I am sure there are more than I have.

For one thing, I didn't get the City Council packet until Friday while the mayor, the engineer and businesses knew about this long before the aldermen did. Who is going to do the upkeep and maintain the wall, the gate, the latches or anything else that gets broken?

What about the insurance on it the liability? The city would have to insure it for it belongs to the city? How many more businesses will want the city to build them one?

Here is a suggestion: What about selling the businesses the portion on property they need for the Dumpsters for $1 and let the businesses build it and they make a contract with other businesses for the ones that want to use it?

Lillian Schneider

Alderwoman at Large


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