Killing babies is murder

July 27, 2013 

For decades we have been reporting the disproportionate number of black Americans murdered by abortion. Knowing this, I find the Trayvon Martin racial profiteering and racial protests sickening.

A verdict was rendered. Throwing public temper tantrums with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Beyonce, Jay Z and many other prominent Americans (black and white) just shows what hypocrites they really are. It won't change anything; especially when it comes to murder.

Where is the outcry from these racial profiteers when black men are cut down in the streets of Chicago? Or when the 18-month-old white baby was shot in the face by two teen thugs trying to rob his mother? Or the 9-year-old boy driving with his father at 3:30 a.m who was shot in the head by someone in a passing car?

More than 70 percent of all abortions are black American babies. Stand outside an abortion mill with me and see the truth of the destruction that is happening across our nation at the hands of those who are supposed to be our greatest protector, our mothers. Yes, where is the outcry from the NAACP outside an abortion mill? Whether taking an innocent life on the streets or in the womb, it's the same result: murder.

Violence is taught and it begins in the womb. Where is the justice for them?

Angela Michael

Director, Small Victories Highland

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