Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

July 28, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 57 Stratford Green Drive; from Nicklaus Nunley and Elisha Nunley; to David Vittetoe; $172,000.

* 801 St. Clair Ave.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to John M. Durako; $45,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 312 S. 10th St.; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to Hestia Properties LLC; $26,000.

* 22 Scarlet Drive; from Charles M. E. Hay; to Devon C. Calloway; $57,000.

* 2429 Fourlakes Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Arnold Stauder LLC; $254,000.

* 6 Elm Drive; from Sarah Jackson; to Julia E. Andria; $79,500.

* 37 N. Delaware Ave.; from Marian F. Wittenauer; to Jennifer Barradas-Jimenez; $45,000.

* 2418 Coniferous Drive; from Charles Shaffer and Kimberly Shaffer; to Conner J. McGowan and Danielle M. Belobraydich; $136,500.

* 405-407 University Drive; from Guy A. Gamerdinger and Cynthia M. Gamerdinger; to Delores Harris; $137,500.

* 1530 N. Charles St.; from Ryan Crader and Rebecc Crader; to Rudy P. Riva Jr.; $77,000.

* 2047 Harvest Meadow Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Elizabeth E. Dooley and Cortney A. Dooley; $209,500.

* 3020 Harvest Meadow Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Ronald E. Powers Jr. and Ana Powers; $206,500.

* 317 Edbrooke Drive; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Erin McMullin; $156,500.

* 100 Lakeview; from U.S. Bank; to KRJ Investments LLC; $58,000.

* 64 Signal Hill Blvd.; from Barbara E. Gleidt; to Melvin Spencer and Glendia M. Spencer; $160,000.

* 104 Sheffield Drive; from Christopher Lowe and Brandyn Lowe; to Julie Williams; $81,500.

* 30 Woodhaven Court; from Michael T. Deien and Andrea M. Deien; to Twila R. Lewis; $100,500.

* 106 N. 81st St.; from Michael V. Yingst and Marcia M. Yingst; to Brandon J. Ponder; $102,500.

* 1229 N. 17th St.; from The Robert W. Mathes Revocable Living Trust; to Terry Schmidt and Louise Schmidt; $40,000.

* 1706 Laurette Lane; from Margaret A. Neff; to JJSLN LLC; $33,000.

* 14 Manas Drive; from Bertha Pauline Wester; to Tracy Wester; $73,000.

* 1833 W. Main St.; from Jill M. J. Mowry and Mark E. Mowry; to Julie Orlet; $55,000.

* 1834 Raab Ave.; from Todd S. Siddle and Rachel A. Siddle; to John L. Barger and Mary M. Barger; $26,500.

* 3529 Lorene St.; from Bank of America; to Brian Webb; $25,500.

* 4901 W. Washington St.; from Michael P. Cole; to Barton Ferrell and Laura Ferrell; $37,500.

* 3913 W. Main St.; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Paul D. Jackson and Christi L. Lewis; $24,950 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 306 Ellen St.; from Lisa G. Sanford; to R. Bryce Rowley & Assoc. Inc. and DT5 Real Estate Holdings LLC; $17,500.


* 214 S. Long St.; from Donna Guentzel; to Frank Netemeyer; $35,000.

* 8702 New Bunkum Road; from Randy P. Talleur; to Victor M. Betancourt; $18,500.


* 35 Pine Trail; from Christy Choate; to Christopher Mitchell and Brittany Elbrecht; $111,000.

* 125 St. Clair Ave.; from Paul Williams and Stacey Owens-William; to Mark Nicol; $117,500.

* 6 Chateau Drive; from Kyong H. Kim; to Jeffrey M. Tollefson; $125,000.

* 5431 Baylor Drive; from Derek K. Green and Charlotte D. Green; to Eric A. Calhoun; $208,500.

* 121 Debra Drive; from Hobson H. Fizette and Marsha Fizette; to Jon Sadler Jr.; $122,500.

* 809 Staffordshire Lane; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Queen V. Barber; $196,000.


* 205 McKendree Park Road; from Peter J. Palmero and Sarah S. Palmero; to Lisa Studnicki and Paula Sutton; $230,000.


* 204 Bernard St.; from Paul S. Rongey Jr.; to Randall S. Hamilton Sr. and Lola M. Hamilton; $45,000.

* 9726 Winchester St.; from Anthony D. Morris; to Jason Forquer and Hedda Forquer; $280,000.


* 713 Mari Lane; from Scott A. Thies; to Byran M. White and Leigh-Ann White; $125,500.


* 6812 Norfolk Way; from Brian Harper and Sarah Harper; to James Ames and Tessa Ames; $222,000.

* 1048 Oxford Hill Road; from Paul T. Korwin and Elisa A. Korwin; to Clayton Peters; $243,000.

* 1125 Creekside Court; from John P. Longmire IV and Sylvia M. Longmire; to Seaborn J. Whatley III and April E. Whatley; $189,000.

* 612 Longfellow Drive; from William Howland and Jennifer L. Howland; to Robert M. Kalteis and Veronica J. Kalteis; $291,500.

* 607 Julia Drive; from Michael E. Simons and Gayle Simons; to Benjamin N. Breitenbach and Lynette L. Newsom; $169,500.

* 1465 Arley Hill Drive; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Ryan Gasaway and Jacqueline Gasaway; $282,000.

* 409 Amy Drive; from Heirs at Law of Legatees of Raymond Kimball, Deceased; to Christopher R. Orwig and Katherine N. Orwig; $147,500.

* 1053 Oxford Hill Road; from James Phillip Sr. and Freda Phillips to Derik W. Harris and Marlene A. Harris; $276,000.

* 908 Briar Meadow Court; from McBride Stone Brair LLC; to Ryan G. Echele and Jennifer L. Echele; $302,500.


* 1251 Pheasant Ridge Court; from David J. Arnold and Kathleen M. Arnold to Edward Laidley and Tara Laidley; $176,500.

* 2818 London Lane; from TTW LLC; to Howard Adler and Shana Adler; $220,000.

* 2413 Coniferous Drive; from Terry Choice and Rashawn Choice; to Christopher Burcham; $126,000.


* 732 Klein Drive; from Joseph G. Page and Sheila M. Page; to James W. Lachance and Shari L. Lachance; $145,000.

* 306 N. Hickory St.; from Donald Becker and Nancy Becker; to Adam Becker; $110,000.

* 4187 Cypress Oak Lane; from DAniel S. Arras; to Mark Tampow Jr. and Katie Tampow; $290,000.

* 419 S. Hickory St.; from Ryan M. Converse and Christy M. Converse; to Glen Whitworth; $96,000.

* 761 Klein Drive; from Mark S. Sweeney and Courtney D. Sweeney; to Ryan M. Covnerse and Christy M. Converse; $127,000.


* 802 Darmstadt St.; from Brian B. Linkey and Kara M. Linkey; to Nathan Lewis; $107,000.


* 3224 Rand Lane; from Stephen P. Gundlach and Angela Gundlach; to Nicole Peden; $225,000.

* 178 Papillon Drive; from Gary A. Meadows and Christi Meadows; to Josey J. Baker and Ann E. Baker; $215,000.



* 21 Woodcrest Drive; from Joyce G. Sitze and Charles J. Sitze; to Justin B. Newell and Amber L. Newell; $205,000.

* 61 Woodcrest Drive; from Eric D. Lamb and Lesta A. Lamb; to Kevin J. Geiger and Stacy Geiger; $50,000.


* 4 Cedar Point; from James J. Williams and Jeanette Williams; to Kenneth Tharp; $207,500.

* 908 Indiana Ave.; from James D. Harris and Michael J. Moulds; to Erik M. Illies; $118,500.

* 293 Harding St.; from Joe D. Villines III and Chondell Villines; to Marcus Wagner and Laura A. Wagner; $115,000.

* 1543 Franklin Ave.; from Michelle L. Simms; to Shannon Kunkel; $90,000.

* 703 Victory Drive; from Jerold D. Amsburg; to Jennifer L. McKim; $100,000.

* 424 Short St.; from Kenneth H. Hoback and Linda R. Hoback; to Christina E. Fischer; $46,000.


* 492 Valley Drive; from Jamie L. Joiner; to Joseph L. Case and Ralynne Case; $131,500.

* 1200 Cardinal Drive; from Tyler B. Pitchford and Janna L. Pitchford; to Dennis E. Mouser and Cathy J. Mouser; $125,000.


* 411 Cass Ave.; from Eric Steinhauff and Ginger Steinhauff; to Luke Wittman and Riley Wittman; $131,000.

* 5015 Indian Hills Drive; from Christina N. Linden; to Deirek Boyd and Kris Boyd; $250,000.

* 2104 Appomattox Court; from James M. Greighton Jr. and Janice L. Greighton; to Robin A. Rongey; $245,000.

* 3318 Snider Ave.; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Caly K. Williams and Noelle B. Williams; $652,000.


* 201 Aspen Point; from Kristopher R. Henkhaus and Jennifer S. Henkhaus; to Samuel A. Bennett and Alexandria A. Bennett; $188,000.

* 3112 Birmingham Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Jeffrey T. Russell and Julia M. Russell; $254,000.

* 137 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Spencer Homes LLC; to Lisa M. Henricks and William E. Henricks Jr.; $290,500.

* 140 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Meridian Manors Development LLC; to S2 Homes LLC, STWO Homes LLC; $49,500.

* 120 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Jeffrey B. Stark and Lisa M. Stark; $283,000.

* 33 Matterhorn Drive; from Janis Zoelzer; to Jeremy R. Lange and Angela C. Lange; $195,000.

* 170 Hillcrest Drive; from Houses LLC; to Charles Kirk and Cyndi Kirk; $125,000.

* 17B Cougar Drive; from Michelle Henkhaus and Scott Henkhaus; to Michael L. Richardson; $103,000.

* 7 Ginger Creek Drive; from Russell C. Solomon III and Lela F. Solomon; to Jeffrey Leston and Jane A. Michener; $248,000.


* 426 Keller St.; from Susan E. Ruckman; to David F. Cloninger Jr.; $103,000.

* 205 Bachman Lane; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Gregory T. Elliott and Patricia Fischer; $80,000.

* 1901 Jerome Drive; from Dennis R. Holleran and Sally A. Holleran; to Gregory S. Burnett and Alyssa K. Burnett; $189,000.

* 1357 Normandy Drive; from Gregory D. Gaddy and Jacquelyn L. Gaddy; to Patricia Howell; $125,000.


* 31 Mikel Drive; from Jack W. Rhoads and Alice L. Rhoads; to Jeremy J. Hawk and Amy Hawk; $145,000.

* 302 Wilson Park Lane; from Deutsche Bank; to Homeinvestors LLC; $25,500.


* 723 Zschokke St.; from Jared G. Goestenkors and MIchelle Goestenkors; to William F. Sloan and Sarah E. Sloan; $130,000.

* 35 Crest Drive; from Timothy Patterson; to Robert D. Patterson Jr. and Diana L. Patterson; $56,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 200 Baneberry Drive; from Highland School District Foundation; to Robert T. Leihser and Brenda L. Leihser; $193,982 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2716 Stone Valley Drive; from Jared B. Arico and Angela L. Arico; to Sam J. Hall; $187,000.

* 6832 Hampshire Court; from Curtis E. Berger; to William W. Wulfing Jr.; $139,000.

* 6913 Main St.; from Larry H. Huffman and RAchel L. Huffman; to Thomas Collmann; $149,000.


* 146 Tydeman Ave.; from Cheryl A. Sullivan; to Michael R. Anderson and Lindsey N. Anderson; $78,000.

* 132 2nd St.; from U.S. Bank; to Bradley Alsop; $31,500.


* 24 Ashbrooke; from Paul A. Lazerson and Deborah A. Lazerson; to George F. May III and Lauren A. May; $155,000.

* 7312 Graythorn Unit C; CMG Custom Construction LLC; to Michelle L. Simms; $182,000.

* 5 Matthew Allen Court; from Dale D. Doyle and Mary Beth Doyle; to Leander Mathews and Karen Mathews; $370,000.



* 836 N. Main St.; from Bruce A. Terveer and Teresa M. Terveer; to Christine Trowbridge and William Trowbridge; $192,000.

* 545 Wernings Drive; from Quantum Homes Inc.; to Justin L. Knobloch and Kristin N. Knobloch; $322,500.

* 133 W. Cascade Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Michael J. Vogt; $128,000.


* 130 N. Park St.; from Laura R. Henry and Steven R. Henry; to Zachary S. Byrd and AManda S. Forshee; $100,000.


* 506 Alpine Drive; from JLP Construction Co.; to Brandon M. McAlister; $166,000.

* 305 Liberty Court; from Brandon McAlister; to JLP Construction Co.; $41,500.

* 8220 Meadowfield Road; from Andrew J. Arterburn and Ann K. Arterburn; to Benjamin J. Wells and Carolyn S. Wells; $280,000.

* 210 N. Market St.; from Marketshare Properties LLC; to Russell Services Inc.; $80,000.

* 113 S. Moore St.; from Betsy A. Jones and Keith A. Jones; to Jared Jacobson; $111,000.

* 902 Seneca Drive; from Jason A. May and Lauren M. May; to Nicholas C. Becherer and Emily Farris; $195,000.

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