Bishop ousts Karban column

July 29, 2013 

In a letter dated July 16, Bishop Braxton informed the Rev. Roger Karban that his weekly scripture commentaries would no longer be printed in The Messenger, ending 20-plus years of the Rev. Karban's scriptural commentaries being printed in the diocesan paper. As publisher, the Bishop will introduce an unnamed columnist beginning with the Aug. 1 issue. The Rev. Karban, however, will continue to have his commentaries printed in other publications, such as the National Catholic Reporter and Celebration magazine.

The Bishop's letter, surprisingly, complimented Father Karban, stating: "Your ideas provided readers with the opportunity to seek a clearer appreciation of the uniquely Catholic understanding of the foundational importance of the Old and New Testaments in the life of the Christian community and the hierarchical development of the Church."

Many of us are saddened that an unknown "new columnist" will replace the Rev. Karban's insightful weekly scripture reflection in The Messenger. In addition to his written commentaries Father Karban, who will celebrate his 50th anniversary as a priest of the Belleville Diocese in 2014, has for many years been offering classes for students at SWIC and St. Louis University, and for interested adults at several sites throughout the Diocese.

For those seeking to continue reading the Rev. Karban's commentaries on a weekly basis, they may be found on a website of the Faithful of Southern Illinois: Simply click on Roger Karban's Essays to find both current and archived commentaries.

Les Himstedt

Fairview Heights

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