Facts on gun laws, violence

July 29, 2013 

When will NRA apologists who repeatedly send letters here stop spreading nonsense? They repeatedly point to the high murder rate in Chicago, and scoldingly reference Chicago's tough gun controls, as though there's some relationship between the two. Yes, Chicago has a horrible, ugly problem with gun violence like most big cities. But in New Orleans, Kansas City, Miami, Houston and others -- mostly cities with few gun restrictions -- the murder rate is actually higher than Chicago's. New York City has a comparably low murder rate and strict gun laws. So the NRA, pro-gun narrative is pure fallacy.

Examined by state, the statistics are even more revealing. Illinois is actually in the lower half in gun-homicide rates. In fact, among the 20 deadliest states, 17 are from the "old" South, the "Bible belt" and Southwest. Practically all of these "NRA-publican" states have very few gun restrictions.

Are there some exceptions? Sure. There are always outliers. Citizens should take others' conclusions skeptically, even mine, and investigate the facts themselves. Statistics are nebulous and get twisted to promote agendas. But facts are facts. Considering that Louisiana has the most lenient gun laws in America, and nearly triple the gun homicide rate of Illinois -- and even residents of Missouri are twice as likely to die from gun violence as Illinoisans, it seems that a logical conclusion is possible.

Truth and facts are mortal enemies of the NRA-inspired fear-peddlers. But the real story shouldn't surprise anyone. Where there are more guns and fewer controls, you're usually going to see more gun violence.

Kevin J. Gagen


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