Taking a child's life

July 30, 2013 

This in response to Steve Kassa Jr.'s letter on July 27: Whether you are Fascist/Republican or Marxist/Democrat, one should consider taking the life of an innocent child walking to his father's house in the same neighborhood, carrying a soda can in his hand, minding his own business. Nobody has the right to follow him on a public sidewalk in free American society and confront an immature youngster, especially a grown man who did so even after a 9-1-1 operator told him not to do so. I am sure some vigilante-type racial slurs were uttered by Zimmerman, which might have provoked a child who was not mature enough and responded to the insults. No matter what, nothing justifies taking a human life. I am not black but I have a question for Steve Kassa Jr.

What if the roles were reversed? If Trayvon Martin were white, maybe your son, and George Zimmerman were black, what would have been the judgment ? I am sure Zimmerman would be sitting on a Death Row by now.

It is not appropriate to call President Obama a racist, out of respect to the highest office in the free world, just as nobody called President Reagan a racist even though he started his campaign from the birth place of the Ku Klux Klan and got elected calling poor black women welfare queens.

It is sad to know that there are still a handful of people in the 21st Century carrying the Jim Crow mindset of the 19th century.

Mike Rau


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