District 189 will start school late; roof needs repair, floor not finished

News DemocratJuly 31, 2013 

Students in East St. Louis District 189 will get a few extra days before the official start of the school year, thanks to some unfinished construction work at East St. Louis Senior High School.

Beth Sheppard, assistant superintendent for human resources and community relations, said student safety is the most important factor in the equation, and since the roof at the school needs repair and the floor is not finished and some other things are not ready, school, which was scheduled to start Aug. 21, will not start until Sept. 3.

"We thought the construction would be finished, but some delays in the work prompted us to make the decision on Thursday to delay the starting date for school," Sheppard said. "We thought this stage of the construction would be far enough along that it wouldn't matter if the students were in classes. But, we now realize there would be some safety issues. The roof at the high school has to be repaired. The floor is not finished. And, there are several other things that caused us to delay the start of school."

Approximately 1,300 students attend East St. Louis Senior High School, Sheppard said.

"We will start the Tuesday after Labor Day," Sheppard said.

Teachers will come to school Aug. 28 and Aug. 29 and will be off Aug. 30.

"They will return on Sept. 3 when the students start the new school year off," Sheppard said.

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