Utah sure ain't Illinois

August 1, 2013 

I moved to Utah more than 10 months ago from Belleville. I have had conversations with many of the locals here about the economy and politics. My earlier statement that Illinois is a joke has been confirmed by others. That political and economic toilet called Illinois desperately needs flushing. Flush the Democrats from office and hopefully there will still be something left to salvage. To those Democrat voters who have continuously kept the corrupt self-serving politicians in office; are you proud of Illinois' economy and reputation? Now the Chicago-style politics and Illinois-type corruption has infected this once great country like a cancer.

The economy here in Utah is thriving with large businesses being built left and right. Unemployment is low with lots of jobs available other than minimum wage, fast-food jobs. No coincidence that Utah is predominantly Republican. Utah County has been referred to as "the most Republican county in the most Republican state in the United States."

Utah County has a population of about 550,000; a racial makeup of over 83 percent white, about 11 percent Hispanic or Latino and less than 1 percent black. There's no East St. Louis crime, no Washington Park politics, no ghetto drug dealers and no fear of walking down the streets at night. Some areas 30 miles away over in Salt Lake City are a bit rough, but not in Utah County.

Thankfully my daughter also recently moved from Belleville to Utah County.

Gary Like

Highland, Utah

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