Fairmount Park jockey suspended for 60 days after race probe

News-DemocratAugust 1, 2013 

A Fairmount Park jockey has been suspended for 60 days by the Illinois Racing Board.

John K. Lejeune, who is from South Carolina, was suspended after an investigation by the board into a July 23 race against, Robert "Cowboy" Jones, a popular 70-year-old jockey hoping to win the race for a world record.

According to the ruling issued by the state and association stewards, Lejeune failed to "persevere and put forth his best effort to achieve a maximum placing with his horse Magnificent Mindy."

Lejeune's suspension began Wednesday and will end Sept. 28, according to the ruling by the stewards. State stewards Jim Lages and Pat Bovenzi and association steward Roger Duff reviewed Lejeune's ride during the July 23 race and concluded he did not ride his horse to it's fullest potential, but instead rode to give Jones the chance to win. He was suspended because, according to the ruling, his actions "called into question the honesty and integrity of horse racing were injurious to the betting public."

Jones did not win the race and his goal to make it into the record books for becoming the first jockey to win a thoroughbred race in every decade for the past seven decades was not reached. Jones came in second riding the horse My Kentucky Breeze. His actions during the race were not questioned by the racing board.

Jockey Uriel Lopez won the race on Ola D.

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