Bishop's latest brash move

August 2, 2013 

I am appalled that the Rev. Roger Karban is being replaced by another columnist for The Messenger. I use his article each week to prepare for the Sunday Mass. My parish priest refers to the Rev. Karban's column quite often in his homilies. His articles help us to understand the cultural circumstances of the sacred writers and more importantly shows his readership how we can apply those same readings to our lives today. Bishop Braxton does not state any reason for dismissing the Rev. Karban from his position. To the contrary, he acknowledged and praised his work.

It is a cowardly move on your part, Bishop Braxton, to replace someone without stating the reasons for your decision. I personally feel that you make decisions in order to feed your egotistic need to demonstrate power in matters concerning your church. You are just adding to the tension you have created between yourself and the people of God since the day you became bishop of the Belleville diocese. Father Karban faithfully fulfills his "calling" to teach the scriptures in many locations throughout the diocese and at seminars throughout the United States. We are blessed to have a man of this caliber and expertise to fill the need for adult education. He continues to do all he does while also fighting cancer on a daily basis. We are the church and we care about the treatment of those who labor for the people of God. God bless my friend and mentor, the Rev. Roger Karban.

Rita M. Cox


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