For primacy of the person

August 2, 2013 

I am heartened to learn that Circuit Judge Dennis Middendorf has ruled for a temporary restraint in favor of W.G. Murray residents, regarding the transfer plan to group homes by Gov. Quinn and his toadies. Anyone who has had a family member in a group home or a skilled nursing home knows there are periods in their stay when staff presence and support is minimal. Minimal care for this protected group is not acceptable. For the state to promise equally good care is complete fraud. What might very likely occur is that the homes will soon come to the state with their hands out for more money to meet the skilled care requirements of the transferees. Or worse, the death of those residents. Then the straw soldier of "less expensive care" will be exposed for the lie that it is. For once, a judge has ruled for the primacy of a person over the interests of the state. I salute him.

Richard Wagner


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