Cardinals find bats, put them to use

Posted by Scott Wuerz on August 2, 2013 

I guess the Cardinals must have just lost their luggage.

In the first four games at Pittsburgh, the Birds looked like they were lost. But their bats apparently showed up for game five. And since then they've been on a tear, scoring as many runs in a game and a half Thursday and Friday as they did in the previous three weeks.

And the players who struggled the most seem to be the ones who are the hottest now.

Matt Holliday has raised his batting average 10 points since returning from the disabled list. Carlos Beltran, who looked completely over-matched after the All-Star Game, stroked a pair of textbook doubles in his first two at-bats Friday, flicking the ball to the opposite field with his quick hands. He roped a single in his third trip to the plate. Allen Craig came up four times with runners on base and had three hits -- including a homer -- and a walk. And Daniel Descalso hit a solo home run to get back on the right track.

The only guy who is still struggling is Matt Carpenter. But, hopefully, he'll come around soon. And it's really pretty much expected that at least one guy at a time is going to be on a cold streak. It's just when the whole team does it at once that starts to be a problem.

In the bigger picture, the Cardinals starting pitching seems to have really settled, too.

During the losing streak they just weren't scoring and were losing games 2-1. So, even though the results weren't gone, the pitching performances weren't bad.


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