Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

August 4, 2013 

Recent real estate transacations for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 324 S. Belt West; from Mildred I. Kloess; to Mark Dietzel; $19,500.

* 1100 Meadowview Lane; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Nicole M. Mungo and Joshua R. Santel; $195,000.

* 209 N. Florida Ave.; from Jimel Enterprises LLC; to South Illinois Turst; $26,000.

* 2500 Richland Prairie Blvd.; from Brandy L. Johnson and Rich A. Johnson; to William S. Welsch and Lucia M. Welsch; $110,500.

* 1402 E. C St.; from Betty Eckert; to Daryl L. Falkenhein; $82,500.

* 1526 N. Charles St.; from Christopher Allison and Gloria Allison; to Tasha L. Deprow; $77,500.

* 7915 W. Washington; from Vivian Sierra; to Franziska Sandmeier; $134,000.

* 7109 Carr Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Brittany N. Sternau and Alexander C. Emmons; $45,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 20 S. 76th St.; from Joan T. Carpenter; to Justin L. Johnson; $20,000.

* 849 Wilshire Drive; from Donna J. Kolb, Trustee; to Patrick Kohorst and Nikole Kohorst; $143,500.

* 116 Freedom Drive; from William Coleman; to Elizabeth Carthon; $56,000.

* 412 S. 19th St.; from Stephen J. Thompson; to John Haar and Melissa Mason; $12,500.


* 1708 Harvest Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Frontside Properties LLC; $32,000.

* 412 Plum St.; from Thomas M. Miller and Linda C. Miller; to James R. Rogers; $54,000.

* 1063 St. Margaret Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Invest 8 LLC; $42,500.

* 443 Mildred Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Invest 8 LLC; $42,111.

* 136 St. Leo; from Judy Boggs; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $7,500.

* 104 St. Barbara; from KMP Enterprises LLC; to Robinson Realty LLC; $25,000.

* 811 Mildred Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Irish Springs LLC; $38,000.

* 1901 Marseilles Blvd.; from Sandra K. Morris; to Renee L. Hand; $43,500.


* 8740 Botanical; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Frontside Properties LLC; $29,500.

* 1029 Crooked Stick Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to William Garner II and Rina Garner; $296,000.

* 332 Forest Oaks Drive; from Micah J. Michael and Stephanie M. Michael; to Donald Riesenberg and Margaret Riesenberg; $660,000.


* 2815 N. 61st St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Edelin Escato; $30,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 901 N. 74th St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Frontside Properties LLC; $29,000.

* 36 Martel Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Frontside Properties LLC; $31,500.

* 817 N. 73rd St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Frontside Properties LLC; $32,000.


* 110 Bountiful Drive; from Christopher J. Meredith; to Rickie D. McGeehan Jr.; $90,000.

* 1437 Magdalena St.; from Jesse Ryan; to Kenneth McDaniel and Angela McDaniel; $28,000.

* 44 Annex Court; from Edward H. Keuss and Vernice Keuss; to Joseph J. Feltman; $50,500.

* 1716 Pleasant View Drive; from Chrystie Kannewurf; to Ray Kelly; $16,500.


* 507 Shady Lane; from Midland States Bank; to Jack E. Browning and Joan L. Browning; $150,000.


* 903 N. Hamilton St.; from The Village Bank; to Jason A. Crews; $39,500.


* 33 Rhineland Place; from Kevin White and Craig Gulash; $207,000.

* 504 W. Van Buren; from Richard Hauck; to Ryan E. Davinroy; $98,000.

* 1004 Rarity Circle; from JL Schaefer Construction Inc.; to Ricahrd P. Wienhoff and Cassie Wienhoff; $237,500.


* 206 S. Elizabeth St.; from Mark A. Badgett and Beverly J. Badgett; to Joseph Wagner; $89,900.


* 1408 Clifton Wagner; from Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC; to Paul E. Miller and G. Diance Miller; $41,500.

* 101 Easton Ave.; from Edward J. Hensler and Juliana Hensler; to Joshua D. Floyd; $56,000.

* 924 Silverlink Drive; from Branden Lewis and Brooke Lewis; to Rajesh Arumugam; $199,000.

* 431 Eagle Terrace Drive; from Robbs Family Asset Preservation Trust; to Laura McCoy; $110,000.

* 137 Main St.; from Beverly A. Welch, Trustee; to Michael D. Swindle and Kathy J. Swindle; $45,500.

* 1412 S. Yale Drive; from Bernard C. Keale and Anna L. Duncan; to Chad Michael Gross and Jacylnann Gross; $134,000.

* 645 Titan Drive; from John J. Zieser; to Keela B. Deets; $122,500.

* 113 Greentree Court; from Charles L. Boeckman Jr. and Susan K. Boeckman; to Daniel L. Werner and Cheryl L. Werner; $250,000.

* 776 Merrifields Drive; from Kimberly A. Drewry; to DAvid J. Rutter and Jill C. Rutter; $243,000.


* 2551 London Lane; from JLP Construction Co.; to Rey S. Montiague; $167,000.

* 118 Shiloh Ridge Drive; from Dettmer Homes of Illinois; to Melissa Nichols and Alexis Nichols; $127,000.


* 305 Harvest Lane; from Thomas Borsch and Jennifer Borsch; to John P. Coleman Jr. and Mindy M. Harmz-Coleman; $142,000.

* 1305 Meganser Blvd.; from Matthew Bruening and Heather Bruening; to Brian Baxter and Kimberly Baxter; $382,000.

* 1716 Naughton Way; from Brian Baxter and Kimberly Baxter; to Jermaine Williams and Andrea Williams; $238,000.

* 1808 Old Park Lane; from Heartland Home Builders Inc.; to Matt S. Szerzinski; $207,500.

* 729 Deerfield Drive; from Neil Global Relocation Co.; to Tom Luscumb; $137,500.

* 1440 Owl Creek Lane; from Jorge Leon and Brenda Leon; to Cynthia Collingham; $107,000.



* 807 Alton St.; from Daniel A. King and Christian King; to Stephanie M. Craig; $91,000.

* 2211 State St.; from Brenda Miller and Jeffrey W. Miller; to Samuel Almonhandis; $81,000.


* 121 Quail Run; from Gateway Home Builders; to Mike Brewer and Eron Brewer; $152,500.


* 434 Bunker Hill Drive; from Walter B. Pingel and Teri E. Pingle; to Chad H. Doyle; $147,500.

* 4 Oak Leaf Circle; from James M. Andrae and Tamara Andrae; to Carolyn Brooks; $172,500.

* 5370 Sugar Loaf Road; from Pre Cox Properties LLC; to Christopher Ammann and Tamara Ammann; $390,000.

* 1976 Lemontree Lane; from Kathleen Sneider; to Cynthia L. Brigman and Robert E. Brigman; $150,000.

* 119 Rainbow; from Sarah Hughes and Charles Hughes; to Sarah C. Bickel; $85,000.


* 621 Washington Ave.; from Rebecca Miller, Dorothy B. Miller, John A. Miller; to Jordan R. Anderson; $44,000.

* 451 Sullivan St.; from Anna L. Frazier, Pattie D. Garner, Wilburn W. Frazier; to Jacob M. Sitze; $98,500.


* 1246 Madison Ave.; from Kevin Buchanan and Linda Buchanan; to David R. J. Perl and Amy E. Perl; $250,000.

* 5 Kensington Court; from Linda I. Lash and Jerry E. Lash; to Eric B. Steinhauff and Ginger C. Steinhauff; $251,000.

* 3900 Stone Hollow Lane; from Black Oak Development LLC; to Nathan D. Sturycz and Sarah J. Sturycz; $64,000.

* 1830 Esic Drive; from Charles W. Amburg and Jane M. Amburg; to Vincent Piazza and Jenna Kassis; $161,000.

* 3429 Vicksburg; from James R. Brooks; to Jeffrey R. Hansen and Michelle A. Hansen; $285,000.

* 2721 Falcon Crest Drive; from Jeffrey R. Hansen and Michelle A. Hansen; to Colt J. Mcleod; $197,000.

*115 Brown Ave.; from Colby S. Kornelis and Kayla Kornelius; to Barbara Green; $75,000.


* 2957 Mark Trail Drive; from Chalres J. Schneider and Ann L. Schneider; to Adam Garrett and Laura Garrett; $219,000.

* 115 Bayfield Drive; from Robert J. McAllister and Janet McAllister; to Igor Crk and Elizabeth Crk; $163,000.

* 25 Olivia Lane; from Lise A. Wieda; to Jay R. Werner and Serena A. Everett; $214,000.

* 1102 Bayridge; from Rolf G. Behrents and Eileen Behrents; to Justin Vanmarte; $165,000.

* 2 Matterhorn Drive; from Glenn L. Kaisershot and Colleen K. Kaisershot; to James W. White Jr. and Nicole A. White; $188,000.

* 200 Lake Hillcrest Drive; from Katherine Hustedde and Keith Hustedde; to Walter Vance; $147,000.

* 112 Crystal Gate Lane; from Brett Nuermberger and Susan N. Nuermberger; to Jared B. Arico and Angela L. Arico; $264,500.


* 5208 Shannon Drive; from Oahn Nguyen; to Brian Young; $135,000.

* 1717 Aster Lane; from Michael J. Barton and Lisa M. Barton; to Eric Pruitt and Amy Pruitt; $320,000.


* 2921 Forest Ave.; from Elizabeth Meade; to Daniel J. Meade; $78,000.

* 3279 Franklin Ave.; from Matthew Wiwczaroski and Heather Wiwczaroski; to Amber Hopper; $97,500.


* 12809 Ridge Drive; from Sarah B. Taylor and John R. Taylor; to Gerald Landolt; $176,000.

* 809 8th St.; from Bonnie Riggs; to Donald j. Carnley; $90,000.

* 1504 19th St.; from Kyle Korte and Amanda Korte; to Kendra L. Hutchins; $116,500.


* 1219 Washington; from David R. Uhercik; to Ronald D. Chandler and Barbara J. Chandler; $40,000.


* 2275 Haverford Court; from Hilary Duncan; to Charles G. Taylor and Shannon A. Taylor; $184,000.

* 13 Oak Leaf; from William H. McCreary and Amanda McCreary; to Benjamin G. Timmons and Ashley M. Timmons; $212,000.


* 212 Jacob St.; from Brian T. Kimbrell; to Gary D. Warren; $107,500.


* 401 Ackerman Place; from Sarah J. Poirot; to Taylor Holste; $122,500.


* 418 Ferguson Ave.; from Michelle Stassi Moreland and Joseph A. Moreland; to Sheila A. Fudge; $95,000.



* 425 S. Riebeling St.; from Barbara J. Callis and Joseph D. Callis Sr.; to Deborah J. Janik and Louis Janik; $75,000.

* 216 S. Ferkel St.; from Josh Crimm and Traci Crimm; to Matthew R. Fehr; $130,000.

* 359 Brellinger St.; from Dennis R. Brand; to Christian L. Hornacek and Steven M. Hornacek; $133,000.

* 615 Dana Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Lillian M. Crites and Timothy G. Crites; $249,000.


* 108 W. Hunter's Ridge; from Susan L. Murphey and Thomas E. Murphey; to Elizabeth L. Bayer and Zachary C. Bayer; $122,000.

* 5176 Walnut Road; from Michael N. Krebel and Shannon M. Krebel; to Michelle L. Skaggs and Paul M. Skaggs; $132,000.


* 9 Fawn Run; from Gail A. Muehlberg and Michael D. Muehlberg; to Judith A. Mentel and Robert D. Mentel; $295,000.

* 1551 New Brunswick Drive; from Community First Bank; to D & F Contracting Inc.; $25,000.

* 2802 State Route 156; from Dale Haudrich; to Michael N. Krebel and Shannon M. Melliere; $253,000.

* 1520 Jamie Lane; from Gerald Niermann; to Derek W. Toberman; $162,000.

* 304 Hartmann St.; from Don L. Kleyer and Maurice J. Kleyer; to Michael E. Mulroney and Nancy E. Mulroney; $200,000.

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