Stand your ground and kill

August 4, 2013 

Thanks to the police, court and jury, George Zimmerman got away with murder. For weeks, the police refused to arrest Zimmerman until pressured, then they videotaped Zimmerman's side of the story. The court case focused on the supposed fight, rather than Zimmerman chasing Trayvon Martin with a loaded gun. The jury refused to charge Zimmerman with murder.

Zimmerman set up his alibi for the murder by alerting the police of a stranger in the neighborhood. He then defied the police order not to pursue, and pursued with a bullet in the chamber of his gun anyway, something police aren't supposed to do.

This fearful teenager, trying to escape, didn't suddenly get the courage to stop, tackle this heavier man, and bash his head on the ground. Trayvon's side of the story would be that this heavier man grabbed his hoodie, slammed him to the ground, straddled him, and pulled out his gun. Looking up at the gun, Trayvon screamed for help, but Zimmerman shot him in the heart close-range, before help could come.

In "stand your ground" states, the precedent has been set in simple steps. Pursue your intended victim. If you're losing the fight, kill, then plead self-defense and go free.

If this "stand your ground" law is not abolished, then perhaps everybody in those states should carry loaded guns to protect themselves from vultures like Zimmerman, because dead boys like Trayvon Martin can't give their side of the story.

Frankie Seaberry