Theory on Benghazi attack

August 6, 2013 

The Benghazi Consulate attack happened 10 plus months ago and the administration is going to great lengths to cover up the incident. An interesting story started to develop soon after the attack, as it relates to the reasons for the attack.

Recent information being released on the international Internet blogs indicated the rationale may be related to a hostage exchange situation whereby Ambassador Steven would be kidnapped and then released for the imprisoned Blind Sheik Abdel-Rahman. If you recall he was the mastermind behind the first Trade Center bombing in 1993. The Blind Sheik is considered by the Muslim Brotherhood to be a hero and Egyptian President Morsi pledged to gain his release after taking office. Also, this administration was and may still be a strong supporter of Morsi.

Reviewing the activities prior to and during the attack on our consulate seems to indicate a carefully choreographed plan. First, the consulate guards who were Libyan al-Qaida operatives and hired by the State Department, left the area two days before the attack. Second, the attacking forces were reported to be Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Third, the attacking forces were to only sedate Ambassador Stevens; however it has since been reported that he was mistakenly overdosed. This is only conjecture as the Libyan doctor reported he died from smoke inhalation and no test was conducted for drug residue.

The heroics of the two former Navy Seals who disobeyed an order to stand down were not anticipated as well.

If this scenario has any validity, it is no wonder the administration is going to great lengths to stonewall the congressional inquires. If proven, this could justify an impeachable offense.

William D. Coulson


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