What is a 'legal illegal'?

August 6, 2013 

OK, so the State of Illinois knowingly issues a driver's license to a person who is unlawfully in the country (regrets to the 'PC' crowd, but that's what 'illegal' means). That person subsequently T-bones my car and puts me in the hospital (hopefully he does not kill me). I really don't think that I am, or my survivors are, going to have to look too hard to find a long line of lawyers waiting to sue the state (that is already flat 'busted') on my behalf.

And just how many illegals (who daily avoid contact with 'the government') are going to walk in the door at the DMV and say, "Hi, I'm unlawfully in this country, please take my photo (for the facial recognition software), name and address?" And if they do walk in, the last two pieces of info won't be correct anyway -- because, unlike the State of Illinois, illegals ain't that damn dumb.

How stupid can Illinois and Gov. Quinn get? My $0.02: The lawyers are gonna get rich on this one. Maybe that's the plan?

Guy DonCarlos


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