Obamacare to control masses

August 6, 2013 

The Obamacare ads we see, depict health care as being free. This is not true. That's why they're having trouble getting healthy young people to sign up.

Many leaders come in and promise either free health care or government-run health care. Once they have that they know they will have total control over the population, because every lifestyle decision, everything you eat and drink, kind of car you drive, everything you do is going to have a relationship to health care costs.

That's how they're able to control everything or as much as possible. You must conform to their beliefs or you'll be punished in some way.

That's the beauty of the Constitution, it prevents government from doing this. That's why they don't like the Constitution and the restraints it puts on government.

So Obamacare isn't about free health care, but about control of the people. Liberals don't understand why we all don't stand up for ourselves and not think as they do -- what's wrong with all the peons? Stand up for your rights as individuals. Americans, you deserve it and want it.

John Schrand


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