Drill here for cheap oil

August 6, 2013 

Well now, since Egypt is in turmoil, our gas will go way up. So why doesn't Obama do some drilling offshore, like maybe in the Gulf? That way it would be on U.S. soil and won't cost us much at the pump instead of it costing most of our paychecks.

Obama right now doesn't seem to care about how much we have to spend at the pump. If he did then he would be finding an alternative for us here in the states instead of relying on overseas stuff coming through. I'm sure there are plenty of places here that can be done and our own oil be used, so gas prices don't go so high that we can't afford to fill our tanks.

Obama sure seems to like sending business overseas along with jobs, otherwise he would see about getting everything here instead of overseas.

It also seems like Obamacare is possibly going under, now another part of it will wait for a year to be done. Why do businesses get to wait a year while others have to have it or some insurance (if you can afford it) by Oct. 1 -- for sure by the end of the year. It makes one wonder doesn't it? At least for all of us who didn't want Obama in office.

Lori Felts


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