Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

August 11, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 40 Westhaven Meadow Drive; from Jacqueline C. Freeman; to Douglas Seagle and Jill Seagle; $172,500.

* 33 Kimberline Lane; from Lynn Vermeiren and Jason Baker; to Neal A. Connors; $170,000.

* 408 N. 1st St.; from Jason J. Huelsmann and Angela M. Huelsmann; to AMAC Properties LLC; $15,000.

* 401 N. 1st St.; from Jason J. Huelsmann and Angela M. Huelsmann; to AMAC Properties LLC; $15,000.

* 44 N. Pennsylvania Ave.; from Wayne Raymond Fields to George L. Black; $170,000.

* 2286 Brookmeadow Drive; from Kevin R. Brown and Martina F. Conley; to Angela Mitchell; $115,000.

* 6 Timber Shadows Road; from Sharon L. Collins, Revocable Trust; to Matthew Hulliung and Patricia D. Hulliung; $278,500.

* 916 Fox Glenn Lane; from James Fisher and Vivian Fisher; to Gail Ann Meese; $130,000.

* 3025 Roan Hill Drive; from Heartland Home Builders Inc.; to Robert B. Johnson and Carrie S. Johnson; $269,000.

* 405 Blue Ridge Drive; from Charles Davis; to Kyle Selliers; $85,000.

* 320 N. 42nd St.; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Larry W. Jameson and Dianna F. Jameson; $18,500.

* 3408 Roland Ave.; from Doris J. Keck; to Katelyn E. Keck; $10,500.

* 3401 Sheridan Drive; from Darryl S. Titchenal and Debra A. Titchenal; to Elgin C. Cotton; $96,000.

* 2045 Cedarwood Trail; from Cassie Weber and Jonathan Weber; to Jeffrey Naylor and Julie Naylor; $245,000.

* 3816 W. Main St.; from Norman C. Krause; to Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob; $14,000.

* 12 Mariknoll Drive; from Judy Thompson; to Raiesha Young; $65,000.


* 510 St. Leo Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Jian Y. Yang and Zhang X. Jin; $5,000.

* 1613 Armand; from Agnes C. Potter; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $19,000.

* 119 Melvin; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to Mollie Duclos; $28,000.

* 520 St. Barbara Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jian You Yang; $11,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1 N. 3rd St.; from Gary D. Grossman Jr. and Donna Grossman; to Bradford A. Karn; $7,500.

* 2171 Stone Crest Drive; from James E. Myers and Robyn Myers; to Timothy J. Prader and John Prader; $150,000.


* 36 Martel Drive; from Frontside Properties LLC; to Auburn Leaf LLC; $44,500.


* 26 Joseph Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Shamica Smith; $84,500.

* 58 Chateau Drive; from Matthew R. McClaine and Emily M. McClaine; to Chad M. Grubofski and Julie A. Grubofski; $123,500.

* 17 Carlin Drive; from Todd Gorney and Wendy Gorney; to John Essington and Christina Essington; $116,500.


* 8209 Peabody Road; from Lawrence Schott and Rochella Schott; to Richard Taylor and Katie Taylor; $308,000.

* 106 N. State St.; from Matthew Amann and Tabita Amann; to Joshua P. Jacobs and Mary P. Jacobs; $120,000.


* 503 James St.; from Mary J. Kelly; to Robert T. Davis Jr.; $63,000.

* 613 W. Schuetz St.; from Craig Frey; to Amanda Ataiyan and Farhad Ataiyan; $65,000.

* 513 Stanton St.; from Raymon N. Stephens and Terri A. Stephens; to McKendree University; $106,500.

* 421 W. Main St.; from Timothy L. Christ; to Gary A. Kesinger and Angela Kesinger; $108,000.


* 820 N. First St.; from Ethel Seitz; to Kenneth Rasp; $150,000.

* 1259 Larkspur Drive; from Christopher C. Torres and Kathryn A. Rocks; to Robert Bosche and Jolene M. Piccolo; $160,000.


* 33 Jotham Court; from James Grimsley and Donielle Grimsley; to Vonda Jane Burchardt; $175,000.

* 4808 Centreville Ave.; from Mathias Development Corp.; to Scott E. Osick and Shanon A. Osick; $73,000.


* 927 Crabapple Lane; from Thomas A. Bruno and Lana K. Bruno; to Joshua Hiam; $220,500.

* 2106 Streamview; from Yong Moon Park and Melinda Park; to Kristen Sawers; $135,000.

* 302 E. Adams St.; from Linda K. Walsh; to Christopher Rust and Sandra Rust; $50,000.

* 505 Matthew St.; from James R. Fickes and Barbara Fickes; to Joseph B. Martz and Mary K. Martz; $148,000.

* 509 Haddington Lane; from John M. Hettenhausen and Kristine E. Hettenhausen; to Jonathan Weber and Cassie Weber; $351,000.

* 158 Whitmoor Drive; from Theodore R. Sprague and Tina J. Sprague; to John M. Hettenhausen and Kristine E. Hettenhausen; $480,000.


* 2134 Durham Drive; from Terry W. Hall Jr. and Katherine M. Hall; to Michael J. Bennett and Shari R. Bennett; $350,000.

* 25 Acorn Lane; from Terry Steinkamp; to Joshua Kinnison and Jessica Kinnison; $160,000.


* 4661 Cherry Circle Court; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Andy Stehl and Kate Stehl; $197,000.


* 3601 Steinberg Farm Road; from Rodney Haselhorst and Jeanne Haselhorst; to Anthony J. Balester and Jennifer L. Balester; $382,000.

* 15 Westgate Drive; from Dolores M. Ervin; to Randall W. Laird and Melissa N. Laird; $61,500.



* 306 Belle St.; from Wanda June Stram; to Joseph E. McKinley; $56,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 5035 Terry Drive; from Paul W. Carter and Marguerite A. Carter; to Carl Nevins, Beth Nevins, Carolyn Cox; $181,300.

* 1205 Florence St.; fromSecretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Gregory T. Norman and Toni R. Norman; $16,800 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5406 Wenzel Road; from Ronald C. Feldewerth and Carol J. Feldewerth; to Ryan P. Durham and Rachel E. Durham; $400,000.

* 372 Coronado Drive; from Guy L. Thompson and Marilyn Yogore-Thompson; to Danielle N. Beach; $41,000.


* 709 Albers Lane; from Kevin Jaklevic; to Brandon J. Duffy; $91,000.

* 817 Briarwood Drive; from James E. Shepard and Sandra J. Shepard; to Amy C. Collier; $75,000.


* 1902 Vandalia St.; from Richard C. Bowe, Kevin J. Bowe, Michael Bowe; to Estates Vesting LLC; $610,000.

* 241 Clinton St.; from Christopher S. Johnson and EMily M. Johnson; to James B. Thurman; $144,500.

* 510 Reese Drive; from Robert E. Brigman and Cynthia Brigman; to Michael L. Dittmaier; $112,500.


* 109 Abner Place; from Nicholas C. Terry and Marissa L. Terry; to Cottone Properties LLC; $130,000.

* 617 Montclaire Ave.; from Patsy L. Stallion; to Justin R. Click; $126,000.

* 1307 St. Louis St.; from Joseph Malench; to Mark W. Cantrell and Brenna G. Cantrell; $382,000.

* 3310 Snider; from J K Companies Inc.; to Dale L. Stange and Peggy R. Stange; $567,500.

* 427 Jefferson St.; from Alexis Brueggman, Alexis Nichols, Melissa Nichols; to Alexandra Fortado; $143,000.

* 1208 Harrison St.; from Jane Hyten; to Julie A. Chastain; $125,000.

* 511 Buchanan St.; from Jason Lombardi; to Bradley E. Riechmann and Megan A. Riechmann; $155,600.

* 13 Biscayne Drive; from Oakstone Properties; to Douglas Pereira; $140,000.

* 765 Blvd De Cannes; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Ronnie Provow and Alma Provow; $97,000.

* 3305 Hershiser Court; from Vicksburg Development Inc.; to Donald W. Unger; $91,000.

* 415 Buchanan St.; from Kathryn Manar; to Ashley N. Wilson and Debra J. Smith; $101,000.

* 2509 Hunters Pointe Blvd.; from Craig J. Alexander, Alicia L. Alexander; to Robert A. Meintrup III; $215,000.

* 8727 Rosewood Hills Drive; from Gary W. Gill and Diane R. Gill; to Karissa L. Norrington; $320,000.


* 130 Ridgemoor Drive; from Federal Home Loan; to Samson C. Coffin; $71,000.

* 609 Briarstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Jason Grandone and Megan Grandone; $300,000.

* 3 Raintree; from Jeffrey L. Underwood; to Catherine D. Santanello; $150,000.

* 5 Equestrian Estates; from Terry L. Cook and Pamela L. Cook; to Gary W. Gill and Diane R. Gill; $370,000.


* 5510 Purvis Lane; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Justin Beck; $70,000.


* 2805 Wayne Ave.; from Garry J. Warren and Karen A. Warren; to Robert M. Pilkus and Gidget Pilkus; $75,000.

* 2220 Elm Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Investcon LLC; $24,800 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 4808 Karen Drive; from RPDK Development Inc.; to Granite City Community Unit School District #9; $38,990 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2424 Lynch Ave.; from Erma C. Beide and Robert D. Beide; to Kelsey L. Galbraith; $80,000.

* 2519 Morrison Road; from Brett R. Lupardus and Pamela K. Lupardus; to Michael T. Hagnauer; $83,000.

* 5130 Stacey Drive; from Brian W. Moon and Stafanie A. Moon; to Kathy Rose Cameron; $89,000.

* 47 Mimosa Drive; from Kelley R. Campbell and Alex Campbell; to Terry Jackson and Kimberly Jackson; $147,500.


* 810 Perch Drive; from First Collinsville Bank; to Jared G. Goestenkors and Michelle Goestenkors; $205,500.


* 204 Powell St.; from Bradley J. Bagwell and Kelly Bagwell; to Amanda M. ODell; $103,000.

* 508 Whip Poor Will; from Gregory J. Reynolds and Nancy L. Reynolds; to Jason A. Oglesby and Abigail N. Oglesby; $180,000.

* 205 Camelot Drive; from Barbara Gibson and Terrie N. Sill; to James E. Shepard and Sandra J. Shepard; $138,000.


* 135 Harnett Ave.; from Ronald L. Dahlen and Verna M. Dahlen; to 14Projects LLC and FourteenProjects LLC; $60,000.

* 112 Shawnee Drive; from Troy Schmidt and Betty Schmidt; to Scott L. Miller and Kelly D. Miller; $155,000.



* 972 Briegel; from Jean A. Kirk and John N. Kirk; to David L. Barks and Susan M. Barks; $185,000.

* 519 E. Cenerville Road; from Christina M. Hamilton and Jeffrey W. Hamilton; to Amanda K. Braun and William E. Braun; $135,000.

* 431 Edward Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Daniel J. Thieret and Sarah M. Thieret; $213,000.

* 1151 Marien Drive; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to Joseph Taylor Pickett; $214,000.

* 101 Country Ridge; from Karen S. Cooper and Robert L. Cooper; to Katie Casey and Mitchell Casey; $290,000.

* 422 W. Bottom Ave.; from Christine F. Trowbridge and William C. Trowbirdge; to Eugene G. Helfrich, Hanna M. Helfrich, Sharon K. Helfrich; $152,500.

* 408 Edward Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Amanda M. Range and Joshua A. Range; $210,000.

* 1200 Rueck Road; from Fifth Enterprises LLC, Cynthia A. Timmons and William F. Timmons; to John Cygan; $460,000.


* 100 E. Hunters Ridge; from Debra A. Lubbes and Kevin R. Lubbes; to Rebecca Mueller and Ronald R. Mueller; $151,000.


* 513 Grand Ave.; from Paul A. Poepper and Stacy L. Poepper; to Laura R. Henry and Staven R. Henry; $185,000.

*6431 N. Brook Drive; from Paul R. Fellhauer and Rosemary Fellhauer; to Jennifer L. Niemann and Scott A. Niemann; $330,000.

* 806 Sheridan Lane; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $31,000.

* 305 S. Moore; from Kenneth R. Schanz and Nancy M. Schanz; to Anthony T. Valleroy; $100,000.

* 803 Sheridan Lane; from C A Jones Inc.; to Patricia A. Swanner; $186,500.

*5401 State Route 156, Cassie R. Roy and Justin T. Roy; to Brett Rohlfing and Michelle Unterseh; $175,000.

* 261 Druscilla Lane; from Sharon D. Steis, Trustee; to Bruce J. Gardner and Monique A. Gardner; $355,000.

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