August 11, 2013 

— Shannon and James "Billy" Klein of Pocahontas, a boy, June 13.

CEGLINSKI -- Marci and Benjamin Ceglinski of Irvington, a girl, July 15.

FARK -- Lindsay and Jordan Fark of Nashville, a boy, July 16.

BENNETT -- Amanda and Steven Bennett of Mascoutah, a girl, July 16.

HANKINS -- Jessica and Max Hankins of Highland, a boy, July 16.

BARBEE -- Amanda and Charles Barbee of Centralia, a boy, July 18.

LINNEMANN -- Terea and Kurt Linnemann of Aviston, a girl, July 19.

JOKISCH -- Michelle and David Jokisch of Mascoutah, a boy, July 22.

CASSADY -- Jessica and Matthew Cassady of Breese, a boy, July 24.

REBBE -- Donna and Joel Rebbe of Vandalia, a boy, July 24.

JOHNSON -- Kristi and Marty Johnson of Breese, a boy, July 25.

GAMINO -- Stacey and Diego Gamino of Greenville, a boy, July 25.

POLLMANN -- Tracy and Jon Pollmann of Carlyle, a girl, July 26.

MASCHHOFF -- Jennifer and Josh Maschhoff of Nashville, a girl, July 26.

SCHAUSTER -- Caitlin and Trent Schauster of Highland, a boy, July 27.

OETTLE -- Trista Oettle of Breese, a boy, July 28.

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