This is Good Government?

August 12, 2013 

Have you noticed that every election the Democrats in Belleville rename themselves? They are Citizens for Good Government Party and have been the Belleville for Good Government Party, the Better Belleville Good Government Party, Neighborhoods for Good Government Party and just plain Good Government Party. They aren't called Democrats and they don't keep exactly the same name so they can avoid becoming an "established" political party. Illinois law forces established parties to have a primary election, and these folks want as little public input as possible on their decisions.

No surprise, then, that they'd try again to circumvent a public vote to replace one of their folks as trustee on the do-nothing Belleville Township board. After their person died and the independent appointed as replacement quit, the Good Government folks cried foul. They claim the independent, Ralph Hult, was part of a ploy to get past the 60-day window during which someone from their party would be appointed to the vacancy.

Now that we're past the 60-day window, the public decides.


They even tried to make their appointee as inoffensive as possible, naming the near-saint who's worked with our urban poor for 50 years, Joe Hubbard.

The stakes are high for Belleville's Democrats. If an independent wins, the power balance shifts to the folks who have vowed to try to eliminate the relic that is Belleville Township. They don't see much need for a layer of government that is contiguous with the city and costs hundreds of thousands a year just to hand out money to the needy.

Next election, maybe the name change should be this: Good Government Of the Party, By the Party and For the Party. It's a mouthful, but pretty darned accurate.

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