Fred Bathon mystery theater

August 15, 2013 

Bum-bah-BAAAAAH: That's the sound of the plot thickening in our favorite whodunit, directed by federal prosecutors and starring former Madison County treasurer Fred Bathon as the evil mastermind.

When we last left our heroes, Bathon was to have some extra time to practice his squealing on the other bad actors. There was a sentencing delay, then another and now a third delay until Dec. 6 as he tells his tale of who was in on the plot to get campaign contributions in exchange for letting delinquent property tax buyers charge 18-percent interest rates to distressed homeowners.

Bathon's time in the federal pen is tied to how much he reveals about his co-conspirators. He's looking at serving somewhere in the ballpark of three years, but potentially lops off more time with everyone he gives up.

Expect upcoming episodes to reveal: Who else was involved? When did they know? How high did it go?

Stay tuned. We expect the season finale to be combined with the Christmas special: "Fred and Friends, Live from Leavenworth."

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