Keep Karban's columns

August 15, 2013 

The Rev. Roger Karban's column and Scripture classes for 40 plus years have been educational and inspirational for many Christians. Although I haven't attended his Scripture classes in several years (too busy and too lazy) the seven years I spent regularly in Scripture lesson with him gave me more than I experienced in my 50 prior years.

Some Christians like myself are a bit lazy when it comes to reading the Bible, but I love hearing the stories and their side bar episodes. Karban made it come alive for us.

His column in The Messenger was a must-read for many good people over the years and he will be dearly missed.

I'm glad to see Karban isn't quitting his column, The Messenger publisher is quitting him. What's unfortunate here is the readers who enjoyed him may not be able to access him unless they have a computer or take another paper. Would the Belleville News-Democrat consider publishing this very popular column?

I'm sure the Messenger publisher prayed over his decision for years but I'm confident he will regret this decision down the road.

Chuck DeLorme


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