Prosecution fell short

August 16, 2013 

Regarding the Martin/Zimmerman situation: Having seen the HNL trial, the prosecution had no case. Most if not all of their witnesses' testimonies actually helped the defense!

If Zimmerman would have been arrested immediately and found innocent, there might not have been all this stink! It was the delay in arresting him that gave the media and Martin's family the opportunity to escalate the situation.

I don't understand why pictures of Martin at age 13 or 14 are the only ones shown. He looks like an innocent child. Where are recent pictures at age 17 where he is 6 feet tall? Then everyone would understand why Zimmerman feared for his life.

Yes, Zimmerman should not have left his vehicle. But Martin didn't have to turn and approach him. Even the prosecution's witnesses heard Zimmerman's cries for help before the gun went off.

Zimmerman didn't have the time (while his head was being banged against the concrete) to take aim and try to just wound Martin.

This never should have turned in a race thing which the protesters are claiming it is. President Obama disappoints me; he has done nothing to defend the verdict.

Enough already. Many innocent people have been hurt or killed in senseless crimes. Where are the protests? My 16-year-old niece was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old acquaintance who served 7 years in juvenile prison and got out early for good behavior. Where were the protests?

Sharron A Lindsey


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