GOP doesn't stand a chance

August 16, 2013 

The political situation is such that I doubt very seriously that conservatives will ever see a day of victory in the political arena in the future. The Republican Party is on its last leg.

Anyone can see that the media is overwhelmingly in favor of the liberal cause. Getting the conservative point of view out to the masses has to have the help of the media.

Our schools are shaping young minds to not listen to both sides. Amnesty is going to bring the votes over the top in favor of liberalism. The Democratic politicians are clearly not afraid of the media not supporting them.

The changes coming are going to make a profound difference in our life. History repeats itself. Liberalism, socialism and communism donot work. Nevertheless, the current power players are hell bent on trying it over again. It will fail, just like in the past.

Larry Leiper


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