Cards are own worst enemy

August 16, 2013 

I recently watched the Cards battle the hated Cubs on TV. The Cards were coasting along with a two-run lead in the late innings. Card's reliever Trevor Rosenthal opened the inning by walking two Cubbies, and battled to get out of inning without any real damage.

The TV broadcasters were chatting on-air about how the Redbird flame-thrower had thrown 28 straight fastballs when, with his 29th fastball, the batter hit a liner to right field. All of a sudden it was all tied up. The next batter added insult to injury, got a base hit as well, and the go-ahead run scored. The rest was history as the Cards went down to a disappointing defeat.

There are lessons to be learned here. If the broadcasters, positioned way up in the booth, knew Rosenthal was throwing nothing but fastballs surely the hitters would get an inkling, too. I guess Rosenthal didn't read the boldface in his MLB handbook that said most batters at the ML level can hit fastballs?

I pondered whether Yadier Molina, unfortunately currently on the DL, would have better managed Rosenthal's pitch-by-pitch approach. I also wondered if Cards Manager Mike Matheny was awake in the dugout while his team was seemingly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Bill Malec


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