The conservative way

August 16, 2013 

A recent letter writer expressed her disdain for what she considered the selfishness of conservative values. I feel she has certain misconceptions about conservatism that need enlightenment.

First, conservatives are not party bound. There are conservatives in both parties, though the ones in the Democratic Party are dwindling as I write. Real conservatives do not approve bailing out big businesses, but we do believe in supporting the free enterprise system. We feel that government is not a cure-all and that welfare was never meant to be a way of life.

Real conservatives hold fast to the principles of fiscal responsibility. We preach personal responsibility and not wait for government to empower us with the tools to succeed.

Second, real conservatives do support women. We just choose to support the millions of unborn women who fail to realize their goal of life. To show partiality on those women who choose to be promiscuous over those who are innocent shows a true form of discrimination.

Real conservatives are not bigots, as conservative family values are found throughout the races. Liberals would rather play the race card to gain on the public relations front.

This writer stresses that conservatives push God in everyone's faces, but did we not just have an Illinois legislator try to dictate what could not be brought into a church? Double standard, anyone?

James J. Price


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