The real takers: Corporations

August 17, 2013 

Letters repeatedly demonize people who receive government assistance, characterizing them as "takers" and "freeloaders." The perverse logic of conservative thinking -- whining about helping citizens in need while ignoring the biggest recipients of government handouts, huge corporations.

Today's minimum wage has just a fraction of its purchasing power of 40 years ago. Yet today more households must survive on it than ever. The ugly truth is the vast majority of adults receiving food stamps and Medicaid, have jobs. Though many are skilled and educated, they can't find better jobs in this stagnant economy. Others lost good jobs and now must work anywhere to survive. These are among the hardest workers in America, doing some of the worst kinds of work; without benefits, vacation, sick leave, or health insurance. Millions of these low-paying jobs are with huge, highly profitable multinational corporations.

These corporations bully their way into communities, extorting local and state governments out of hundreds of billions yearly through TIFs and other giveaways. Then they don't usually even create jobs, but just move jobs around, for lower wages, leaving millions of small-business owners devastated. Worse, these gigantic corporations often gloat about paying little or no income tax. Their underpaid employees pay more of their earnings toward taxes than these corporations.

So, the fact is, our taxes are subsidizing profitable multinational corporations because their employees qualify for food stamps, Medicaid and other government benefits. When will our government stop subsidizing predatory corporate profiteers and start working for our people instead?

Kevin J. Gagen


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