Real Estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

August 18, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 113 Rosette Drive; from Belleville Community Development Corp.; to Ryan J. Kleinik; $67,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 208 S. Church St.; from Fred Widel; to Joshua Jolley and Corinna Morrow; $67,500.

* 1193 Cromwell Drive; from Aldo S. Adams and Lisa L. Adams; to Kevin Nykanen and Kimberley Nykanen; $238,000.

* 210 Turning Leaf Circle; from Willard Taylor and Linda Taylor; to Aaron Harpel and Samantha Harpel; $190,000.

* 2783 E. B St.; from Claudia S. Colombo; to Marylou L. Kusmanoff and Carol A. Easterley; $145,000.

* 2201 Centerville Ave.; from Lois E. Hock; to Darlene Schwab; $160,000.

* 65 Granvue Drive; from Julie L. Huffman; to Dennie Suchman; $56,000.

* 117 Churchill Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Tarayn F. Riley and Robert R. Riley; $27,700 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 212 N. 32nd St.; from Carol Nester; to Donald P. Rigney and Carmen D. Rigney; $52,500.


* 104 St. Barbara Lane; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Frontsite Properties LLC; $31,000.

* 2014 Florence St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $16,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 116 Judith Lane; from William H. Osborne; to Elliot S. Hern and Linda S. Hern; $18,000.

* 1313 St. Zita Lane; from Heirs and Devisees of Margaret L. Payne, Deceased; to Robinson Realty LLC; $14,500.

* 609 St. Monica Drive; from Jack L. Hill Living Rovacable Trust; to Robinson Realty LLC; $14,500.

* 1712 Loretta Ave.; from Jerry W. Renfro; to Ricardo A. Godinez and lIsa A. Godinez; $17,000.


* 1208 Perry Place; from Carol J. Perry; to Nicholas W. Gillespie; $110,500.

* 300 Guy St.; from Richard E. Bickel and Mary Beckel; to Clinton E. Kite and Patricia M. Kite; $237,500.

* 8740 Botanical; from Frontside Properties LLC; to American State & Trust; $43,000.


* 108 Park Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jimmie Gale and Jacqueline M. Watson; $10,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 634 Florence Ave.; from Dale G. Gummersheimer; to Judy A. Zarate; $98,000.

* 2111 Sugarloaf Drive; from Jean F. Bruce; to Sandra M. McAlexander; $69,000.


* 7116 Park Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Horizon Trust Company; $48,500.


* 6624 Kinder St.; from Douglas H. Berning Jr. and Bruce E. Berning; to Hector A. Gutierrez Jr.; $37,000.


* 14 Orlando Place; from Richard Ess and Joyce Ess; to Edward Belba; $82,000.

* 35 Cedar Drive; from Mark A. Burgdorf and Tina M. Burgdorf; to Kevin D. Cannon and Ruth E. Cannon; $179,000.

* 855 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois Inc.; to Timothy G. Rodney; $145,000.


* 411 N. Dewey St.; from Faith Thurman; to Lauren L. May and Jacob R. Bayers; $93,000.


* 836 Topaz Court; from C.P.R. Properties LLC; to Mark D. Johnson; $164,000.


* 5775 Lake Briar Drive; from David R. Young and Tanya Young; to Benjamin M. Eichenseer; $243,500.

* 137 Regency Place; from Velma L. Vallandingham by Sheila McAllister and Sandra Balas; to Donna S. Griggs; $125,000.


* 709 Chatsworth Court; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Michael Wood and Julie Wood; $339,000.

* 1338 Bossler Lane; from Omar Palacios and Gloria Palacios; to John Park and Sheri Park; $290,000.

* 802 N. Madison Drive; from Keith A. Hardy and Teri L. Hardy; to Steven R. Boston and Deanna E. Boston; $116,000.

* 757 Deer Creek Road; from Benjamin L. Creger and Gonul Creger; to Robert J. Eberhart and Erin K. Eberhart; $181,000.

* 222 Hodgens Mill Lane; from Michael W. Hutchinson and Donna H. Hutchinson; to Zac D. Weatherly; $205,000.

* 707 Michael St.; from Daniel Henderson; to Travia D. Rose; $135,000.

* 288 Fawn Oaks Drive; from Bryan Chasteen and Amy N. Chasteen; to Paul D. Hangsleben and Karen A. Hangsleben; $122,000.

* 402 S. Seven Hills Road; from Thomas M. Sharkey II and Wendy K. Sharkey; to William R. Williams; $192,000.

* 7044 Milburn Estates Drive; from Ryan M. McKinney; to John M. Mazanek and Mallory Mazanek; $197,000.

* 326 Dewitt Court; from Steven Boston and Deanna Boston; to Eckridge R. Denton; $160,000.

* 1331 Rainfield Gardens Court; from Tim Reuning and Barbara Reuning; to Cartus Financial Corp.; $340,000.

* 1331 Rainfield Gardens Court; from Cartus Financial Corp.; to Sean Bordenave and Elizabeth Bordenave; $340,000.

* 1125 Hightower Place Drive; from Michael J. Hatleli; to Justin N. Henry and Kaitlin Henry; $355,000.


* 2751 London Lane; from TTW LLC; to Marques A. Sewell and Ella M. Sewell; $156,500.


* 5501 Illinois 159; from Fern E. Lunsford and Davey G. Lunsford; to Scott Brown and Jennifer E. Brown; $155,000.


* 1818 Ambrose Terrace; from Gunna D. Ravi and Shanthi Ravi; to James D. Allen and Barbara A. Allen; $90,000.

* 3851 Tanbark Drive; from Robert C. Barth and Cecelia Barth; to Keith Hardy and Teri Hardy; $120,000.

* 200 Calais Court; from Douglas E. Leedy and Lorrie A. Leedy; to Robert C. Barth and Cecelia J. Barth; $190,000.

* 3920 Heatherwood Drive; from Stephanie Schultz; to Kyle L. Gordon; $158,000.

* 15 Kenwood Drive; from Edgar L. Mark and Carol Mark; to Debra K. Brown; $96,000.

* 2800 Creekside Place; from GaryStanek; to Kerry E. Saunders and Kelly T. Saunders; $260,000.



* 3297 Hawthorne Blvd.; from Michael P. Homan and Paula J. Homan; to John M. Phillips and Pollymae R. Phillips; $69,000.

* 4316 Wedgewood Drive; from Susan A. Gilbert; to Robert E. McGowan and Yvonne M. McGowan; $145,000.

* 910 McKinley Blvd.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage; to Lauren Chancey; $74,500.

* 605 Rozier St.; from John B. Renick and Janet H. Renick; to Dawn M. Montgomery; $79,500.


* 65 Woodcrest Drive; from Eric D. Lamb and Lesta A. Lamb; to Jeffrey W. Waters and Shelly J. Waters; $317,500.

* 436 Texas Blvd.; from James A. Luker and Nancy J. Luker; to Tammy L. Williams; $135,000.


* 103 Cottage Drive; from Brian R. Ryterski and Laure A. Ryterski; $98,000.

* 2422 Keebler Road; from Gloria J. Wagener; to Brian Ryterski and Laure A. Ryterski; $118,000.

* 602 Ostle Drive; from Shelli Smith Valenti and Ronald R.R. Smith Valenti; to Mark E. Esarey and Gayle J. Fritz; $225,000.

* 2024 Ravenwood Drive; from Brie Nelson and Jeremy Nelson; to Earl F. Davis and Denise R. Davis; $174,500.

* 248 Sumner Blvd.; from Michael L. Tomasovich and Amanda Tomasovich; to Dennis E. Ferrero Jr. and Kerrianne Ferrero; $125,000.


* 511 Florida Drive; from Evelyn M. Paris, Jerri L. Noel, Terri L. Hoormann, Terri L. Paris; to Tina Seidler; $113,000.

* 9 Beatrice Court; from Richard D. Grogan and Desera L. Grogan; to Brian C. Hokamp and Kelli K. Hokamp; $160,000.


* 1008 Chancellor Drive; from Ricahrd B. Sample and Janya D. Sample; to Levin A. Antrim and Jeanna R. Antrim; $185,000.

* 18 Shiloh Court; from Zhuo Yu and Huaguo Zhou; to Richard B. Sample and Janya D. Sample; $280,000.

* 186 Holiday Drive; from Christopher Hoffstot and Sara Hoffstot; to Nathaniel A. Desch and Jenna D. Tippin; $185,000.

* 52 Bridie Court; from Thomas J. Longos and Catherine L. Longos; to Issam S. El Khatib and Tina D. El Khatib; $336,500.

* 35 Meadow Rue Drive; from Danny Patterson and Sherri Patterson; to Joel Petry, Stacy Petry, Dennis Petry; $327,500.

* 2809 Falcon Crest Drive; from Michelle L. Koelker; to Randall S. Wallace; $216,000.

* 7316 Kindlewood Drive; from Paul R. Hoga and Melissa A. Hoga; to Timothy J. Young and Tricia A. Young; $357,000.

* 3469 Vicksburg Drive; from Terry W. Hemken and Jamie A. Hemken; to Brian Therien and Jessica R. Therien; $325,000.

* 3313 Hershiser Court; from Stephen Sitton and Carrie Stitton' to Craig Alexander and Alicia Alexander; $462,500.

* 160 Meadow Ridge Trail; from Anton J. Koprivnik and Mary R. Koprivnik; to Richard D. Grogan and Desera L. Grogan; $270,000.

* 74 Sunset Hills Drive; from Virginia H. Leskera; to Joseph E. Smith and Kirstyn Smith; $328,500.


* 6 Matterhorn Drive; from Chad D. Boeving and Diana M. Boeving; to Todd E. Shaw and Debra L. Shaw; $157,800.


* 5704 Sir Kay Court; from Robert E. McGowan and Yvonne McGowan; to Roy M. Williams II and Amy J. Williams; $89,000.


* 4251 Oldenberg Road; from Robert V. Kunkel and Karen S. Kunkel; to Brian K. Hoedebeck; $180,000.


* 16 Len Drive; from Lrry Wellen; to Cheryl Beckmann and Kevin Venhaus; $236,000.

* 6 Dorsett Lane; from Darrell R. Gregg Jr. and Trina D. Gregg; to Kevin D. Townsend and Patricia A. Townsend; $245,000.

* 1220 Walnut St.; from Timothy P. Bruening and Angela Bruening; to Charles C. Brown; $100,000.

* 2820 Aster Court; from Paul Watkins; to Victoria Krug; $72,000.

* 20 Arrowleaf St.; from Mettler Development LLC; to Ryan D. Basye and Jessica M. Basye; $239,000.

* 20 Glory Drive; from Jeffrey L. Rohde and Carolyn Rohde; to Damian N. Feeny and Janetta L. Feeny; $250,000.


* 5 Augusta Court; from Brian S. Therien; to Michael D. Goebel and Cynthia C. Goebel; $220,000.

* 1916 Wellington Lane; from David Murray and Jessica Murray; to Andrew Zeisler and Theresa Zeisler; $185,000.


* 2000 Richview Drive; from David L. Brown and Kimberlee A. Brown; to James A. Fickert; $179,000.

* 8937 Wendell Creek Drive; from Paoli Builders Inc.; to Darren R. Simmons and Ristie R. Simmons; $298,000.

* 727 5th St.; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Timothy Larence and Ashley Lawrence; $195,000.


* 244 Bristol Drive; from John Harris and Charlotte Harris; to Blake Harris and Amie Harris; $199,500.

* 328 Orchard Court; from Danco LLC; to Ashley M. Wilson; $115,000.

* 12 Meadowbrooke Drive; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Joel E. Grove; $192,000.

* 919 Carla Drive; from Trevor Williams; to Angela M. Fuesting and Derek P. Brumleve; $164,000.



* 3704 Red Brick Road; from Cindy L. Canman and Phillip L. Canman III; to Jerod L. Bland and Mary K. Bland; $333,000.

* 115 Wiershem St.; from Peggy Becherer and Scott A. Becherer; to Christine Griswold and Christopher Swacil; $137,500.

* 10 Hickory Lane; from Ricahrd W. Brune, Executor and William E. Frierdich, Executor; to Joseph A. Swierczek and Paul aL. Swierczek; $235,000.

* 218 Riebeling St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Russell Walster; $92,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 9341 Christopher Lake Drive; from Brian G. Monroe and Kimber L. Monroe; to Jeffrey D. Frein and Laura J. Frein; $280,000.


* 7709 LL Road; from Debra A. Donjon, Ececutor; to Mary M. Gregson and Walter E. Gregson Jr.; $644,000.


* 210 Osterhage Drive; from Robin M. Miller; to Jeremy R. Neff; $149,000.

* 340 E. Fourth St.; from Patricia A. Smithee and Rodney L. Smithee; to Andrew J. Arterburn and Ann K. Arterburn; $82,500.

* 705 Ridge Road; from Kevin N. Wilson and Sharon A. Wilson; to Carl A. Unverfehrt, Trustee; $260,000.

* 316 N. Church St.; from Russell Services Inc.; to Kristal Moody; $84,500.

* 109 Fox Run; from Beth S. Bicklein, Trustee and James L. Bicklein; to Michael J. Hemmer and Stacy L. Hemmer; $312,000.

* 1008 Turtle Dove Trail; from Matthew D. Marchwinski; to Kristine T. Feldmeier, Kritin K. Marchwinski; $60,000.

* 7331 Deer Hill Road; from Rosella F. Nolte and Vernon H. Nolte; to Beth S. Bicklein and James L. Bicklein; $465,000.

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