Don't lose sight of Mid-America Airport issues

August 18, 2013 

Hit 'em with an iron fist, then extend an olive branch. That seems to be the strategy in dealing with renegade St. Clair County Board members who want more control at MidAmerica Airport.

Two board members pushing for the change have been removed from key committee posts. Then last week a third board member, Ed Cockrell, was allowed into an executive session of the Public Building Commission, which now controls the airport.

Cockrell seemed pleased to be let in the secret session, but we hope he is not so easily appeased. He needs to keep sight of his and other board members' concerns, which are the lack of transparency and that an appointed commission is deciding spending.

On many airport projects, 10 percent of the funding comes from the county and 90 percent from the federal government. But it's all the taxpayers' money, and their elected representatives should be calling the shots.

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