Why won't the Cardinals let Allen Craig try third base?

Posted by Scott Wuerz on August 19, 2013 

As Cardinals third baseman David Freese gets ready to sit yet another game, according to the team's posted lineup card, I can only wonder what the future holds for the Redbirds' hot corner.

It is starting to appear that the Cardinals are fed up with Freese, unless he's just injured and they're not telling us. While he hasn't hit for the power that he usually displays, Freese hasn't been terrible. He's batting .265 with six home runs compared to a .296 career batting average at the beginning of the season. But should we be disappointed in his homer total? He's best know for his World Series power display in 2011. But he's only had one season in the big leagues in which he's hit more than 10 home runs.

Freese is slugging .380 this year, which isn't too impressive for a starting corner infielder. But he's only a .446 career slugger before the 2013 season.

Is the answer sitting him so a pop gun second baseman can move the Redbirds' All-Star second sacker to third?

My question is, wouldn't it be better to get Matt Adams and his power bat into the order instead of trying to get Wong up to major league speed?

And the solution is to move Allen Craig back to his natural position -- he played more games at third base during his four years in the minors than any other position -- and let Adams play first so both Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran can stay in the game, too.

I'm not sure why the Redbirds have never given Craig a chance at third. He's played only four games there in the big leagues. But an order of 2B Carpenter (.312/9) RF Beltran (.300/20), LF Holliday (.285/15), 3B Craig (.310/11), 1B Adams (.277/9), C Molina (.328/9), CF Jay (.273/6) and either Kozma or Descalso at short sounds like a pretty potent batting order to me. 

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