Verdict matched the evidence

August 19, 2013 

Frankie Seaberry's synopsis of the Trayvon Martin incident is beyond ridiculous.

She states that "thanks to police, the court and jury, George Zimmerman got away with murder." The relevant facts are:

* 911 operators do not have police authority; they cannot order anyone.

* Evidence shows that Martin had grass stains on his knees, while Zimmerman had them on his back, along with cuts, scrapes and lots of blood on the back of his head. I guess he got that broken nose while holding the gun on Martin, huh?

*Stand Your Ground was not even mentioned in this trial by either side. This is another concoction by the progressive morons in the media. Race was not an issue either, even though these same idiots wanted it to be.

* Furthermore, evidence shows Zimmerman was (pay attention here) leaving the area, headed back to his car when Martin circled back and confronted him.

* Martin's parents refused to release Trayvon's cell phone, which had pictures of someone (him?) holding a gun. He was not the innocent little boy projected by his picture. He would have been in jail for theft and drug use if the local police had done their job.

* The only reason this cause came to trial was due to the "justice brothers," Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton sticking their nose in it as per usual, to keep themselves in the limelight. Did Seaberry even watch the trial? She needs to wise up.

Roddy D. Riggs