Grant tax push begins again

August 20, 2013 

People who own homes in the Grant 110 School District, listen up: Your real estate taxes almost increased this year when the vote on the April ballot failed by about 60 votes. The school administration is already campaigning hard to get this referendum on the March 11, 2014, ballot to pass.

Remember, this district blew well over $1 million on a property that is not being used as it was intended. District leaders have taken away many essential classes and extracurricular activities from the students with no promises to return these or to cut buses if the referendum passes.

Our children will see very little benefit if this referendum passes. It is well known the budget crises in the school districts of Illinois, and the problems are trying to be passed on to us.

This district proposes that our taxes be raised an average of $188 a year, more for homes worth more than $100,000, equaling an 85-cent increase in taxation.

Our homes are not worth that much anymore, and even though I have a student in the Grant District, I cannot afford one more dollar of taxes on my home. Can you?

Please, make your voices heard on March 11, 2014. If you do not, be prepared for a significant increase in your yearly tax bill.

Jeanne Fusselman

Fairview Heights

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